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Spot Process Sep Studio 4tm

Spot Process™ software transformed sim process in 1995 into an easy and reliable on-screen and on-press system. We didn’t stop there. Spot Process Sep Studio 4 is the highly anticipated end to your struggles with raster and vector art, bad customer supplied files, and downloaded images not ready for screen printing.
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AccuRIP Ruby™ for Canon or Epson. Art file to accurate films, it keeps getting easier!


AccuRIP Ruby™ is Freehand’s newest and finest software for printing high-quality film positives with ease.
Now available for Epson and Canon Printers.

AccuRIP Ruby is the latest and enhanced version replacing AccuRIP Black Pearl.

It’s Ruby Time!

New User $495.00

Upgrade TE $195.00

Epson… AccuRIP Ruby EP™

Supports 57 Epson printers

Drives the entire film output process for Epson users including critical ink lay down control not capable of achieving without a RIP. Print separations to film transparency media with ease and accuracy. (Windows/Mac)

Automatically delivers on-going Photo Black slot spraying FREE year after year. Work with all or a custom combination of slots using a yearling All Black Ink Feature License included. The Feature works with any of the 57 supported Epson printers in Ruby EP.

New User $495.00

Upgrade $195.00

Canon… AccuRIP Ruby CP™ Bundle

Supports Canon • Includes Dmax™ Refillable Ink system

Film Printing BUNDLE includes AccuRIP Ruby™ Software, Refillable Tanks (8), Dmax™ ink, Amaze-Ink™ head cleaner, and All Black feature one-year license. Supports Canon Pixma Pro-100 desktop printer. (Windows/Mac)

Canon is considered by many screen printers to have a superior film printing workflow because production doesn’t stop simply when one or more slots in the printer are not in the ready print mode. Wow! Plus, enjoy the benefits of the software driven auto maintenance feature in Ruby Canon!

Bundle $699.00


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  • Great product. Great support and service. I wish we would have started out with AccuRIP instead of two dongle failures and various output issues with our original RIP software purchase. Review #232

    – Booster Print

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