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Too much has been made of this over the decades and so many printers have struggled with poor results and even worse advice. There are a few factors to be addressed but they are all easy to do and their impact on your result will be dramatic. Basically all those things you fear about CMYK, or the reasons you sit in on seminars while speakers try to impress and confuse you all in the same breath, will fly right out the window.

It is flat out wrong to print using a rosette pattern (multiple angles) when you can use the Flemenco (single angle) style. Yes, all four screens should share “the same” angle and that angle is suggested to be 22.5 degrees. Choose any line screen you wish, but please note that 45 to 55 is now going to print much cleaner than any attempt at 65 line screen using a rosette pattern (multiple angles). Even before you learn a few more things to help you, if you do nothing more than simply use one angle and re-print one of your past CMYK jobs you will see a huge improvement!


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