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Ditto Speeds Output

Freehand Graphics ditto film feeder, which is the ONLY solution to this timely issue in the industry. * With the roll and knife you can send many separations to the printer and do something else while they print. In a short time you will make up the difference in the cost of the printer. These printers have the largest print head so they print faster too a lot faster.

They also hold a huge amount of ink so that is another bonus as desktop printers with small ink tanks need a lot of attention and usually at the worst time. With both wide format and desktop printers see the All Black Cartridge Based Bulk Black Ink solution visit www.allblackbulkink.com page located on this website to dramatically increase black ink volume for selected models.

Rolls of film generally cost less per foot, rather than cut sheets. You can print more than one separation side by side to maximize the films usage, adding to its value. Check with your chosen film manufacturer.

All the newest Epson printers now come with Ethernet networking as a stock feature, making the printer more network friendly and efficient.

Now that you have read this you are educated to make and be satisfied with your purchase. If you are coming from a laser printer or a thermal unit to an inkjet for the first time there are things that you need to become comfortable with. Making a less expensive purchase of say a 1430 then deciding to go for the larger format printer such as a 4900 later may work well for you. Using AccuRIP, you will not have to purchase a new RIP license to transfer to a new model while other RIP manufacturers would charge you.

Do I need to run my inkjet at the highest resolution?

No. For most screen-printers and their needs running an inkjet at 1440 x 720 will deliver quality results and acceptable print speeds. Inkjets work on a technology of multiple passes. The higher you set the resolution the more often the head will pass in close proximity to the previous pass, increasing the length of time for each print. That time can become quite lengthy. The object of every user is to test their inks and film against the lowest resolutions while still achieving the quality they desire.

The amount of time it takes you to get your films produced is extremely important. Slow processing over the course of the year will cost you an astronomical amount of time. Time is money, so don’t waste either!


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