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Screen Drying

We are screen-printers so screens are the most important part of the process. A poorly made screen means bad printing and “production down-time”. Screen-printers buy everything they say they need, but many do not own a proper screen drying cabinet, making their own devices which frankly speaking are “junk”, creating more trouble than they are worth.
Here it is, when drying a screen you must dry the screen with the “print side” facing the floor and the “squeegee side” facing the ceiling. Exactly as it is when you print with it. Reason: Gravity forces the emulsion to the proper side (print side) leaving the heaviest layer on the proper side of the mesh. This improves screen making, reduces exposure time, increases the stencil well which leads to better ink coverage, etc..

Stop making this early mistake. Get a proper screen drying cabinet or modify your setup to allow screens to be dried in the proper position.

Fact: the mesh layer between the emulsion layers slow down light waves and restricts their ability to expose emulsion, so an improperly dried screen that has the heaviest emulsion layer on the wrong side (squeegee side) will not capture detail or wash out properly. The first sign of this problem is the need to increase exposure time and the loss of fine detail; not to mention under-exposed (slimy) emulsion that washes down the drain. Sound familiar?


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