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Waterproof Film Benefits

Screen Printers work around water and it is highly advised to work with waterproof film. There are plenty of brands at great prices for waterproof film leaving little reason to use non-waterproof.
Frank Lee Speaking!

Waterproof film is not really waterproof it’s water-resistant. It’s not the fact that you are looking for films to be waterproof, it’s more that the emulsion coating on the films help the ink adhere better to the film. Faster drying times and less dot gain will be achieved resulting in properly accurate screens.

Ink would rather have something to grab onto. On non-waterproof film there is nothing for the ink to grab, it takes longer to air dry, and spreading occurs. that’s bad. Motto: Time is money! You think you are saving money on a slightly less expensive film but in fact your losing time waiting for it to dry and time is money.


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