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Everyone can use this Film Size!

13 inch DarkStar Roll Film

Yes, both sheet and roll printers can use this film…

13 inch film rolls (3 inch core) are right for…

•   desktop printers – cut to size and save
•   17″ and 24″ printers (and bigger)
•   4900 and T3270 printers (and others)

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As low as 30¢ per foot!    Use coupon code: BLOWOUT

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When we opened our shop we had to be careful about every dollar spent. We took the advice of Freehand and used 13 inch rolls and easily cut sheets to use with our Artisan 1430. We’ve since grown but can’t see going back to wasting film and money. We even use 13 inch rolls for the 4900 since most of the prints easily fit, or we simply rotate the image.

– Sean R. • East Coast Evolution

Roll film cost is lower than sheet film. It’s time you recognize and cash in on the virtues of the 13 inch roll for both sheet and roll printers. The 13 inch roll is the most VERSATILE film size and type for screen-printers, and saves you so much money.

Here’s how…

• desktop users simply cut the roll film to sizes to fit your needs – saving up to 70% over cut sheet film in boxes
• roll printer users of 17, 24 inch and higher can easily load a 13 inch roll to reduce cost and waste – yes a smaller roll fits a wider printer

The smallest efforts to cut or change a roll equal huge savings. This is a limited time offer to introduce you to the virtues of 13 inch film media. And, since size matters, but so does thickness and the emulsion coating, Freehand’s exclusive DarkStar Film™ is 5ml thick and is coated in the U.S. for the most consistent and professional film results.

Try a roll or two or three. The price is going back up!

Coupon Code: BLOWOUT

Use the coupon code for an additional $30 off the already low price of 13 inch DarkStar Film Roll Media while supplies last.

Limited Time Offer. All sales are final. Contact for a shipping quote for orders shipping out of the contiguous U.S.


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