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AccuRIP Ruby Bundle 3 (Supports Canon)


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Film Printing BUNDLE 3 includes AccuRIP Ruby™ Software • Refillable Tanks (8) • Black Dmax™Black Ink • Amaze-Ink™ head cleaner. Works with the Canon Pixma Pro-100 desktop printer for efficient and focused film printing. (Windows/Mac)


AccuRIP Ruby Software

AccuRIP Ruby™ drives the entire film output process to a Canon Pixma Pro-100 printer. Print to film transparency media with ease and accuracy. (Windows/Mac)

Canon Pixma Pro-100 Starter Kit

DarkStar Inkjet Film Media

Quality 5ml waterproof film engineered for screen printers (sheets and rolls).

8.5” x 11” Sheet

DarkStar Inkjet Film Media

Quality 5ml waterproof film engineered for screen printers (sheets and rolls).

13" x 19" Sheet

Ditto Inkjet Film Feeder

Engineered to maximize desktop inkjet film output. Insert and print up to 8 sheets of films unattended. True productivity enhancer.

All Black Feature License

First year is FREE spraying ink from all or any slot combination*. A purchase of AccuRIP Ruby™ or Spot Process Sep Studio 4™ includes the free one-year license.

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Purchase the Canon Pixma Pro-100 printer separately from a Canon reseller.

INTRODUCING a complete Canon Pixma Pro-100 film output experience that starts with AccuRIP Ruby™ Software. The Pro-100 printer is the newest printer selected by Freehand to support because film production yields are high, the print quality is high, yet the production costs are very low. No unnecessary steps, slowdowns, or difficult workflows.

This bundle includes AccuRIP Ruby™ Software, the Pro-100 Refill Ink starter kit, a box of 8.5 x 11 DarkStar Sheet Film, a box of 13 x 19 Dark Star Sheet Film, and the Ditto Film Feeder. Individually the software and products would cost $1,168.98. Enjoy a $308.99 savings.

AccuRIP Black Pearl™

Features and Benefits

AccuRIP Ruby™ has all the features of Freehand’s AccuRIP Black Pearl version, but has been engineered for the future of film production where refillable ink tank solutions take center stage. The supported printer list will grow, of course, but the Canon Pixma Pro-100 bubble jet printer offers advantages over the Epson desktop line of printers especially when it comes to uninterrupted production and head technology.

Options in the Configuration Menu allow you to dial in your needs including halftone size and shape. Set it and forget it, or edit at will. AccuRIP Ruby delivers the ability to print using Freehand’s All Black Ink™ (all slots spray during printing). Having Freehand’s Refillable Tank solution also means you never have to pay separately for this powerful and production efficient feature. It’s simple, your ink kit provides the code to unlock this most wanted ability for s full year. Continue to use All Black Ink year after year without interruption thanks to the unlock codes provided on Freehand’s Pixma Pro-100 Dmax Dye in bottles for your refillable tanks.

Partial Features List:
• Auto Printer Detection and Connection
• Print Setting IQ remembers your last configured settings
• All Black Ink™ feature one-year license
• WiFi strong to take advantage of WiFi convenience
• WatchDog Doctor detects then adds drivers to OS upon launch
• Wizard On Call for first time setup or reinstallation
• Two simple tabs to configure printer and halftone settings
• FREE Live Agent Tech Support and Remote Login

Operating System Compatibility / Printer Support

Windows 10 • Windows 8.1 • Windows 7  (32-bit and 64-bit)  • Apple Mojave • High Sierra • Sierra • El Cap (10.11.6) (64-bit)

AccuRIP Ruby™ supports the Canon Pixma Pro-100.
*Printer not included. Shown with optional Ditto Film Feeder™ available in the online shop.


What is a RIP? Do I really need one? A RIP is not just for halftone output to film, it’s for all graphics file output needs including popular solid spot colors. The communication gap between your art file (PostScript Graphic) and the Canon bubble jet is bridged by AccuRIP Ruby. Since the quality of the output is critical to screen exposure and ultimately success on-press, the RIP offers resolution, halftone type and size options and the ability to adjust ink lay down for your film and ink combo. Users trying to manage their business without a RIP with the thought of saving money ultimately suffer with poorer quality than the competition and wasted film, ink, time and money. A RIP will pay for itself in a very short amount of time. If you’re serious about screen printing put your focus on pre-press as well as print production. They go hand in hand.

If you think you’re not tech savvy and can’t handle a RIP, AccuRIP Ruby is your solution. With an Auto Setup Wizard that detects and connects to your Canon Printer and a driver you select in the print window of your graphics program (i.e Adobe, Corel) this will be the easiest software that’s hard at work for you.


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