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Automatic Benefits!

Sep Studio 4 users are automatic VIPs
receiving big discounts, perks and exclusives.

How to Become a Member

Spot Process Separation Studio 4™ purchasers automatically are members! You’ll see a VIP logo next to the My Account link in the top right of your screen. Like this:

VIP Member Benefits Include:


Discounts on Inkjet Supplies
Automatically get the lower VIP member pricing on all of your inkjet supplies purchased online.


VIP Coupons
You’ll receive additional coupons exclusively for VIP members several times a year. Includes $50 in coupons on your VIP anniversary.


VIP Gifts and Offers
Receive exclusive gifts and ways to save on screen printing supplies. There’s no better time to be a screen-printer and no better way to save on the supplies you need than Freehand’s VIP membership!

VIPs always get the best price:


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