For your best results use Dmax™ dye ink with DarkStar™ dye ink film. The perfect match.

Dmax Black Dye Ink™ Bottles for Bulk Systems


Step One:
Setup your Printer using stock inks. Contact the printer manufacturer directly if the printer is not printing and/or producing a clean test print from the Printer Driver. If operational, continue to step two.

(a) drain the tank you want to fill with Dmax by printing to paper until empty.
(b) fill the tank with Dmax Black Dye Ink™.

Step Three:
Install and setup AccuRIP™ Emerald Software by Freehand, Make sure that the All Black Ink™ feature is ON so all slots are being used during printing. Refer to your AccuRIP™ Emerald documentation. Load a few sheets of plain letter size paper into the printer. Open the printer’s OEM driver and run a Nozzle Pattern test print to verify the printer is clean and BLACK ink is properly printing. If necessary run a cleaning routine.

A clean Nozzle Pattern test print means you are ready to start printing films.

Have an extra bottle of Dmax Dye Ink on hand.

The ability to print quality films through the Pixma Pro-100 happens because of two key Freehand manufactured technologies…Dmax Dye Ink and AccuRIP™ Emerald Software for Bubble Jet printing. You simply will not achieve the same success with any other products.

Freehand and you, together we got this!


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