DarkStar Inkjet Film Media

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Quality 5ml waterproof film engineered for screen printers (sheets and rolls).



DarkStar Inkjet Film™ is clear film media for high quality inkjet film output production supporting screen printers in achieving their best films for screen exposure.

At Freehand we are selective in the pre-press products we use and support, and know like you that not all films are created equal. The thickness, emulsion coating and consistent manufacturing standards meet our stringent standards. After all, screen printers use films to produce the important screens used in production runs. With all of our pre-press products top-quality we just had to find you the perfect film.

You would expect a film of this quality to be much more expensive. Freehand passes along its high volume purchasing power to its customers. You’ll find that all of our solutions including DarkStar are quality products at a great price.


Features and Benefits

The benefit of quality film like DarkStar is seen not just on the film, but in the results of screen exposure and the products produced on-press. DarkStar has the emulsion layer that grabs and holds the ink allowing it to dry quickly and cure. For screen printers that use Freehand’s All Black Ink™ and/or D-Max bottled ink for bulk systems, you have a marriage that not only delivers the density you need, but the durability that no other product solutions can compare to.


DarkStar is available packaged in convenient 5ml ROLLS and SHEETS in the sizes used by screen printers producing films.

SHEETS (100 per box):
8.5 x 11 inch
13 x 19 inch

ROLLS (100 feet in length):
13 inch
17 inch
Roll core size: 2 3/4 inches


If your film output results are not meeting your standards or are inconsistent, let our tech team know the brands you use. Our experts will help you achieve the best film output results. While software and settings absolutely matter – the brands in use play a critical role.


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