Lessons in Seconds™

Direct and to the point videos released monthly

Bypass Clogs with ABI™

All Black Ink™ grants slot by slot control

Ideal Printer Environment

Inkjets perform best without too much wind and just the right humidity

Avoid Clogs

An idle printer is more likely to clog

USB Length and Reliability

USB is the simplest way to connect a printer
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The Ethernet Advantage

Ethernet is the best way to connect a printer
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Wifi Makes Printing Almost Fun

Wifi is powerful but is subject to environment
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NOTE: Interfaces may vary in Sep Studio versions 4.0 and NXT (current), yet workflows remain similar.

Sep Studio® Solid Underbase

Create an underbase for discharge printing!

Sep Studio® Choke

Avoid bad registration!

Sep Studio® PressFit™

Make files fit your press!

Sep Studio® PowerMerge™

Select and PowerMerge™ multiple seps at once!

NOTE: Interfaces may vary in AccuRIP versions, yet workflows remain similar.

Mesh & Line Screen Formula

Manufacturers use different mesh factors…
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What’s Your Angle?

Avoid moiré and improve your prints!
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Standardize your screen making process!

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