Update Windows Version is 2022.01.04.00


Update Mac Version is 2022.01.06.02

Update feature/option list:

  • Introducing wide format support for Mac users
  • Mesh Calculator tool added
  • Enhance Accuracy feature added
  • 1440×900 screen resolution support
  • Print Size and Film Size both displayed
  • Films numbered in preview
  • Improved scroll bars
  • Additional Certified Printers

To update Emerald download and run the installer from your My Account.

To check which build you have installed open the the Support Drop Down Menu then click About AccuRIP… to open the About Window.

Update Windows Version is 2022.01.03.00


Update Mac Version is 2022.01.02.00

Update feature/option list:

  • N-UP Nesting support added
  • PDF cropping to artboard preference added
  • Rotate image feature added to Print Window
  • Media selection added to Print Window
  • Printing margins bug fixed

To update NXT download and run the installer from your My Account.

To check which build you have installed open the the Help Drop Down Menu then click About Separation Studio… to open the About Window.

Previous Updates

Update feature/option list:

  • Slot by slot All Black Ink control for Epson 1430, 1400
  • Bypass Preview direct to print workflow preference
  • Bypass Select Printer preference
  • Alt/Option Clear feature clears all files in print queue
  • Epson 1430 Print Speed Improved
  • Improved Printer List Filtering
  • Support for Canon 13×19 Media Fixed
  • Additional Certified Printers

Update feature/option list:

  • Updated Print Window
    • Switch between custom Templates or User Defined pressmark controls.
    • Off/On controls for Registration marks, centerline and labels.
    • Size and weight controls for registration marks.
    • Gap feature controls distance of pre-press marks from printed image.
    • Registration mark gallery.
    • Four preset marks layouts.
    • Scale images by inches, mm or percentage.
    • Restore to previous or save new default settings buttons.
    • Dynamic image and overall print size dimension (including marks) displayed.
    • Fit Image option scales image to fit maximum template printable area (imagerect).
  • Direct printing supported through AccuRIP™ Ruby, Black Pearl, Black Pearl SE, as well as Emerald.
  • Non AccuRIP brand RIP software supported. Postscript (.ps) Hot Folder workflow supported for Wasatch, CadLink…and other popular brand RIP software.
  • Expanded Preference controls. Set RIP software or browse to Hot Folders.
  • Updated Support menu option. Check for updates.
  • Improved support for EXIF metadata.
  • Lasso tool trailing marque bug fixed
  • Off/On toggle labels aligned
  • Fixed issue with custom placement of art in print window
  • Improved Help Articles

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