Dmax Dye Ink (Bottles)

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Dmax™ is formulated by Freehand for the stringent film printing demands and blocking UV light during screen exposure.

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Dmax Black Dye Ink™ for film printing is the same UV light blocking formulation in Freehand’s All Black Ink™ pre-filled and refillable cartridge/tank systems. Available in bottles for Freehand’s refillable cartridges and other bulk ink systems. Dmax™ Dye black printing ink delivers the power of UV light blocking technology necessary to achieve your best screen exposure from your film separations. Reaching densities at or near 5.0, there is no black dye on the market that compares.

It looks like black water, but there is so much engineering that went into this Dmax™ dye ink that dries and cures on film quickly and will not scratch off of quality film brands such as DarkStar™ Film. Dmax™ exceeds the most stringent formula requirements, and is of food grade quality (please don’t drink it). Freehand is proud of its solution and millions of films owe their success to Dmax™.

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Features and Benefits of Dmax Dye Ink™

The benefit of Freehand’s black dye is apparent in the dark and clean results on your film positive or negatives. Use Dmax™ black printing ink with AccuRIP™ and any other RIP solution for producing films. To take advantage of a single, multiple or all black refill or bulk system the All Black Ink™ feature (previously called multi-black) in AccuRIP™ Software and Spot Process™ Separation Studio™ 4 is required. During software setup the feature will NOT be on by default.

Specifications of Dmax Dye Ink™

Dmax Dye Ink™ is available in two convenient bottle sizes and is rated to maintain its light blocking ability for up to two years. Available in one liter, 500 ml and 240 ml bottles.


Storage: keep in a dark cabinet. For optimal use Dmax Dye Ink™ should be kept at a comfortable room temperature, but it will not be altered by a fluctuation in room temperature between zero and 120 degrees, or temperature changes that occur during shipping. If frozen allow to fully defrost and use when at room temperature. Shelf live 2 years.