Terms and Conditions

THE SUPPORT TERMS AND CONDITIONS PROVIDED HERE SUPERSEDE ALL OTHERS. Freehand Graphics, Inc. provides (NO FEE) valuable Live Agent Support for AccuRIP™ Emerald and Spot Process™ Separation Studio™ 4 Licensed users (CURRENT shipping versions only), plus users of the genuine All Black Ink™ and Dmax™ Dye Inkjet Ink. Users of current shipping versions also receive access to free updates within the same version. Upgrades are NOT included unless the particular License expressly provides the Upgrade.

Users operating earlier versions can UPGRADE and continue with no fee support.

Previous version users have free access to self-help online documents, resources and videos. You may also also send in a Live Agent Support request. The techs will direct you to valuable self-help articles and videos and/or provide written solutions to user requests when available. Need extra help with a previous version? Support will provide the best option(s), including a small fee-based service, available to users of non-shipping versions. Previous version user support does NOT include serial number license transfer/crash resets. The suggested solution is always an Upgrade to the current (shipping) version to receive access to all current benefits.

Current Software Version:
AccuRIP™ Emerald

Current Software Version:
Spot Process™ Separation Studio™ 4.0

Access to Live Agent Support is via an online ticket submission.
Replies are during business hours (M-F, 9 am to 6 pm EST).

Professional consulting and training is available as fee-based support.

Live Agent Support Overview…

1. Submit a Live Agent Support request.
2. Provide a valid email address.
3. First return reply from an Agent is an email.
4. Users must have internet access.
5. Verification of License ownership may be required.
6. Trial users are registered, so no verification required.
7. Phone contact or Remote connections will be initiated by Agents only.

We require ticket submissions in order to have a written record of your issue and information. You will also benefit from having a written record and instructions to refer to. We are fully staffed with knowledgeable technicians who are waiting to assist you. Do not delay your resolution – submit a ticket as soon as you need help -answer ALL the questions asked by the technician. Facts help them help you.

Terms and Conditions of Live Agent Support
(Trial and Current Shipping License Users)

a) Trial user support is for the duration of the trial period from activation through expiration.

b) Upon purchase, Live Agent Support starts from Activation Date (first time License Serial Number is activated/activation attempted). Support concludes (expires) with the release of a new Software Version bringing the previous version to its End of Life (EOL). To continue receiving Live Agent Support benefits, as well as FREE in version updates, Upgrade to the latest software version.

c) All Black Ink™ and Dmax™ product support is available from date of purchase. Verification of the genuineFreehand brand may be required.

Parachute Protection Plan

The Parachute Protection Plan begins at Activation of the Software Serial Number License and expires on the date Freehand Graphics releases an UPGRADE or NEW version, or as specified by the License at Time of Purchase. Spot Process™ Separation Studio™ 4 Advanced License Protection expires three (3) years from date of purchase, or after two assisted resets, whichever comes first. Premium One Year License Users continue with Protection as long as their License is active. The renewal through payment of the License resets the protection. Since it is necessary for Software to operate on hardware and it relies on operating system, Freehand created a valuable protection feature for its users, because the frequency of hardware/OS issues is high. Hardware is NOT sold or warranted to end-users by Freehand Graphics. Freehand understands that issues will occur due to hardware malfunctions and/or poorly maintained hardware. Operating System issues can also lead to computer problems. These issues can affect the operation of a software License.

When a Licensed User loses access to the software or the control of the serial number, the Parachute Protection Plan delivers two serial License resets (one “Main” and one “Reserve”) or up to the specified term length of the protection. Contact technical support via Live Agent Support (online).

For users that require assistance above the two covered incidences, or are operating software that is not the current shipping version(s) should contact Freehand Graphics for the options/fees available. The ability to reset the License or the fees associated vary depending on a User’s situation/computer environment.


CATEGORY 1: AccuRIP™ Emerald Software Users

Available Support Topics (AccuRIP™):
• Download/Installers
• Installation
• General WiFi, USB, Ethernet Setup
• AccuRIP™ Setup and Features
• Serial Number Activation
• Serial Number Deactivation and Transfer
• Serial Number Loss of Control (computer hardware/OS failure)
• AccuRIP™ to Epson Driver
• General AccuRIP™ Driver Sharing Info (limited)
• Epson Driver (limited)
• Adobe and Corel Print Window
• File printing AccuRIP™ to Epson Driver selection (Print Window) through to AccuRIP™ Job Queue
• Postscript Errors (limited)
• General Software functionality
• General film print result questions/needs (limited)

– Product training is available as a payable resource.
– OS, networking, hardware issues NOT supported.

CATEGORY 2: Genuine All Black Ink™ Users

Available Support Topics (All Black Ink™):
• Installation Issues/Errors
• Damaged Chip / Chip Resetters
• General ink flow questions/needs
• General film print result questions/needs

– Cartridges/Resetters include a Limited Warranty.
– Extended warranties on cartridges are NOT available.
– OS, networking, hardware issues NOT supported.

CATEGORY 3: Spot Process™ Separation Studio™ Software 4.0

Included Support Topics (Spot Process™ Separation Studio™ 4):
• Download/Installers
• Installation
• Serial Number
• Serial Number Deactivation and Transfer
• Serial Number Loss of Control (computer hardware/OS failure)
• General Software functionality

– Product training is available as a payable resource.
– OS, networking, hardware issues NOT supported.

Pay Support Overview

Freehand offers professional consulting and fee-based support on unsupported topics, for users outside of the support period, operating non-shipping versions (end of life), and operating previously supported (dropped) Epson hardware.

Receive training on:
Spot Process™ Separation Studio™
General computing
Screen-printing pre-press

Fee-based support is by appointment. Fees will be provided in advance of support.

The team will provide available options. A guarantee of a resolution can not be provided. A change in a user’s computer environment including an operating system or change in hardware, a loss of control or access to the serial number, no access to a properly working (user archived installer) of software can prevent an issue from being resolved and/or initiate the need to Upgrade. A recommendation of products and computer environment requirements will be provided.

Manufacturers of hardware and software are prepared to expertly support their own products to their user-base/clients.

All issues/questions related to your Epson hardware setup (including Epson Drivers) and general operation.

All issues/questions related to file creation/preparation.

All issues/questions related to file creation/preparation.

Live Agent Support Business Hours:
Monday through Friday, 9 am to 6 pm EST (excluding holidays and office closures).


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