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Suggested search criteria:
“dmax” (ink systems)  •  “studio” (Sep Studio 4)  •  “accurip”  •  “ditto”  •  “amaze” (cleaning a printer clog)

While YouTube is the best way to locate any of Freehand’s video tutorials, walkthroughs, commercials and more, all of the videos are posted below. The Tabs allow you to narrow your search to a product. Use keyboard commands to do a search (Command F for Mac, and Control F for Windows). Also, scroll through the series to find videos of interest.

You keep on watching, we’ll keep on producing valuable videos.

Version “4” Promo

100 • Spot Process Separation Studio has come along way. With 3 powerful engines it’s now an every shop solution.


Sep Studio 4™ includes FREE Live Agent Support. Remote logins, video links and step-by-step guides – we’re happy to help.

Button Guide

101 •  A must watch first video. Understanding the buttons used in the software will make learning easy.

Vector PDF Window Guide

102 • Watch this video after the Button guide to review the Vector PDF engine before you begin learning the software.

Spot Process Window Guide

103 • Watch this video after the Button guide to review the Spot Process engine before you begin learning the software.

Right-Click Guide

104 • Right-Click is a powerful feature for software users to gain easy access to options for Sep Studio 4 functions.

Default Printer Settings Guide

105 • Familiarize yourself with the Default Printer Settings of SPSS4 with Direct to Inkjet output. Watch video #121 for details.

Preferences Window Guide

106 • Located under the Separation Studio 4 Menu, key software Preferences are managed for both PDF and Spot Process.

Document Properties Guide

107 • Document Properties sets width, height, scale and other options for your documents. Set them and edit them here.


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