Dmax Epson T3270 Replacement Chip


Prevent downtime by having these vital 700ml refillable tank Dmax™ Epson T3270 replacement chips on hand for when you need them most. Purchase a liter of Dmax™ Black dye ink and get an Epson reset chip for FREE (limit one FREE chip per liter bottle purchase) using coupon code: RESET3270.


Dmax Epson T3270 Replacement Chip Description

This Dmax Epson T3270 replacement chip is the resolve to Epson’s new chip security that no longer accepts auto reset chips forcing screen printers to use Epson pigment ink which is proven to be far less effective than Dmax™ Dye ink for film printing. This well designed chip replaces a previously expired chip allowing your T3270 to reset the ink counter.

Features and Benefits of Dmax Epson T3270 Replacement Chip

Each Epson reset chip allows for 700ml of ink to be printed. That’s prints a lot of films. Replacing just the chip allows you to reuse the refillable plastic ink tank making it a more Eco-friendly system while lowering your print and hardware cost. Have at least one chip on hand and ready preventing downtime to maximize profit.

Combined with Freehand’s Dmax™ Black Dye ink for film printing you have a complete and powerful business solution that produces super dark films for screen exposure.

Great films make great screens and great screens make great screen prints.

Specifications of Dmax Epson T3270 Replacement Chip

Easy snap on chip design makes short work of removing the previous expired chip and mounting a new chip. Well designed and manufactured these chips will run for the duration of 700ml of ink with no time limit.


Get a FREE Epson reset chip with each purchase of a 1 Liter bottle of Dmax™ Black dye ink saving you $24.95 per chip. Limit one FREE Dmax Epson T3270 Replacement chip per liter bottle purchase.

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