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Stop using valuable ink to clean your print head. Amaze-Ink is Amaze-ing – just a few mls typically does the job. A must-have for all inkjet users.



Prevent or bust a clog. Amaze-Ink™ is a safe and effective formulation. Have a clog, no worries, clear it with Amaze-Ink. Don’t use valuable inkjet ink to work out a stubborn clog, or use a Window cleaner in your valuable printer. Preventative maintenance costs pennies and is a quick and easy part of smart pre-press. Inkjet printers can clog even when used properly. Air and lint are enemies of the inkjet.

User review…
“After trying a ton of things to unclog our 4900, this stuff did the trick. Saved us $2K on a new printer. I would recommend this to anyone with Epson Stylus printers with their well known clogging issues. From now on I’m going to do a weekly nozzle check.”  – Shelter Publications


Features and Benefits

Amaze-Ink™ Maintenance Fluid is an important inkjet supply to have on hand. Developed with safe and non-caustic chemicals that have the power to clear stubborn clogs, alternative methods that use caustic household cleaners sound like a lifesaver, but can damage your printer. Amaze-Ink is pennies per ml without the worries of printer nozzle and head damage you could see with Windex and other internet “fixes”. Regular maintenance is your best practice, but busy shops invariably get hit with a clog at the worst time. Have Amaze-Ink on the shelf just in case. While some stubborn clogs can’t be fixed with a liquid unclog process alone, so many will without the need for an expensive service call.


Amaze-Ink™ is available in a bottle or a kit for desktop printers.

Bottle: 127 ml of Amaze-Ink Clog Busting Fluid (less than 32¢ per ml)    Kit: 127 ml of Amaze-Ink Clog Busting Fluid (less than 32¢ per ml), Syringe, Cartridge Adapter

Kit for use with supported models:
Artisan 1430, 1500, 50
Stylus Photo 1400, 1410, 1800, 1900,  2400, R2000

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