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Inkjet Head Cleaner and Maintenance Fluid safe for your printer.



Amaze-Ink Maintenance Fluid™ is a safe and effective liquid formulation to prevent and bust clogs in your valuable inkjet printer. Preventative maintenance costs pennies and is a quick and easy part of smart pre-press. Inkjet printers can clog even when used properly and regularly. Air and lint are also enemies of the inkjet. If you find yourself with a clog, no worries, you can clear it with Amaze-Ink. Don’t use valuable inkjet ink to work out a stubborn clog.

User review…
“After trying a ton of things to unclog our 4900, this stuff did the trick. Saved us $2K on a new printer. I would recommend this to anyone with Epson Stylus printers with their well known clogging issues. From now on I’m going to do a weekly nozzle check.”  – Shelter Publications


Features and Benefits

Amaze-Ink™ Clog Buster and Maintenance Liquid is an important inkjet supply to have on hand. Developed with safe and non-caustic chemicals that have the power to clear stubborn clogs, alternative methods that use caustic household cleaners sound like a lifesaver, but can damage your printer. Amaze-Ink is pennies an ounce without the worries of printer nozzle and head damage. Regular maintenance is your best practice, but busy shops invariably get hit with a clog at the worst time. Have Amaze-Ink on the shelf just in case.


Amaze-Ink™ is available in a bottle or a kit for desktop printers.

Bottle: 127 ml of Amaze-Ink Clog Busting Fluid (less than 32¢ per ml)    Kit: 127 ml of Amaze-Ink Clog Busting Fluid (less than 32¢ per ml), Syringe, Cartridge Adapter

Kit for use with supported models:
Artisan 1430, 1500, 50
Stylus Photo 1400, 1410, 1800, 1900,  2400, R2000

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