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Software is a product you License for Use. With Two License Options (Premium and Advanced) for Spot Process Sep Studio 4™ you’ll want to pick what’s best for you. There are Upgrade and New User options as well. You can’t make a wrong choice. We built in flexibility, read on…


New User Premium: $199/yr
Upgrade Premium: $179/yr
Dynamic features, free updates and upgrades.


New User Advanced: $489/1x fee
Upgrade Advanced: $279/1x fee

Fixed features, fixed cost, OS specific and free updates.

In order to receive Upgrade pricing a trade-in of the previous version serial number is required. How to locate your Sep Studio serial number is an FAQ topic.

Premium Benefits:

Designed for users that expect to progress their hardware, OS, or software. Always work with the latest technology advancements as they release. There is a yearly fee to continue software use. The Premium License is your lower cost entry into software use with a big payoff for users!

Advanced Benefits:

For users that progress more slowly with hardware, Operating Systems, and software, and generally don’t opt for advancements as they are released. Your upfront, one-time fee does NOT include software upgrades. Existing feature updates are included. A change to an OS outside of the range at time of purchase, or a computer crash/reformat can trigger a need to upgrade (fee).

Is it a mistake not starting with the Premium License?

Users that love to learn and work with a great set of software features are happy until they learn about a new feature they just have to have. No worries. You have 24 months from date of purchase to convert from the Advanced License over to the Premium License without a penalty. You’ll then receive the latest software version and be a Premium user with access to all the advancements as they release. Yet, your Premium plan doesn’t get billed until a full 24 months from original date of purchase of the Advanced license has passed. For example, if you purchased the Advanced version January 1, 2019 and on January 1, 2020 you switch to the Premium plan you have a full year left before the yearly fee is implemented, yet you immediately start working the latest version of SPSS4. This buyer protection is designed to keep you productive AND happy.

Are the features the same in both software?

When you make the License payment the software features you receive are those in the software at time of purchase. It is only as new features are released that Premium users have access to them without an additional cost. And, as a special bonus for all users Premium and Advanced we built in an AccuRIP Black Pearl feature in the Print Commander of Spot Process Separation Studio 4 – an option you can select to turn on and use for a full year. The Multi-black All Black Ink™ feature is a Licensed feature in AccuRIP that you get to try out for a year. After a year, both Premium and Advanced users can License this amazing AccuRIP feature for use in Sep Studio 4 even if you don’t have an AccuRIP Black Pearl software License!

Is a License plan unique to SPSS4 or Freehand?

Software has always been Licensed for use by companies around the world to individuals and businesses. Software is Intellectual Property providing incredible value with every click. With a purchase the License holder is provided specific Terms of Use. While sales terms such as “purchase and buy” may have you believe that all the software you paid for are owned by you, in reality you paid for a “License for Use.”  Licenses eliminate cost risk to the end user. Engineering software is an expensive and on-going process and companies invest by developing great solutions that need lots of users to make their investment pay off. At Freehand we like to tell people that our value is greatest when we have users that want us to continue to code software.

What License can I get from my reseller?

A select group of Authorized Resellers of Spot Process Sep Studio 4 can provide to you the Advanced NEW User License. Remember, with a full 30 months to change over to Premium without any cost a purchase made through your favorite reseller is always a good thing.

The Premium License is a pay per year License and therefore available only through Freehand. Select Premium NEW or UPGRADE in the Shop. Yes, you can also purchase on this site the Advanced NEW or UPGRADE License.

Feature Cost Breakdown:

Spot Process Separation Studio 4™ Software is Licensed for Use. Under the two License options are New User and Upgrade options. Cost per engine/feature (ala carte) are provided below.

New User Advanced License:

Sim Process Engine: $163
Vector PDF Engine: $163
Print Commander: $163
All Black Ink (multi-black): $0/ first year. Actual MSRP $175 per year.


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