Get started with the License right for your business.

Software is a product you License for Use. With Two License Options (Premium and Advanced) for Spot Process™ Separation Studio™ 4 you’ll want to pick what’s best for you. You can’t make a wrong choice. We built in flexibility, read on…


Premium: $199.00/yr
Free updates and upgrades. Free support. New OS compatibility. All inclusive license.


Advanced License: $489.00/1x fee

Free support. Fixed features, fixed cost, OS compatibility and printers supported fixed to version at time of license purchase. Free updates (not upgrades).

Spot Process™ Separation Studio™ 4 License Options

What is software licensing really all about? Is this just another subscription software?

No, this not a subscription software it’s a “Voluntary Renewable License”. Freehand believes YOU should be “in full control” of any payment process. 

At Freehand we don’t believe software should automatically renew. We don’t believe you should have to be concerned with software that auto debits your money. At Freehand we develop and service software that makes our clients money. We want to earn your respect and desire to use our software to compliment your business. Your success is our success. 

We work very hard to develop the best screen print software solutions supporting and updating to deliver the best business solutions possible. You should want to use our software from you own successes. At Freehand we want to earn our money so you can too. 

Here’s what it really means to use a software license:

No matter “how you pay” or even “how much you pay”, business is about profits. As long as you make more money than you spend you are in the business black and that is where we all want to be. 

We all buy/lease/rent the items we need to run our business. The money we lay out for these items is our investment. What we all want is a fast return on investments (ROI). The moment we get all the money back from the initial investment the profits generated from that moment on are “pure profit.” Software used every day for every job returns profits faster than any other item in business. 

Release your preconceived notions of what you “think it cost” to use software and embrace the “reality of how little it cost” upfront enjoying the huge returns it brings. 

Everything in business should be as profitable as investing in and using software. 

We mean it when we say, “Freehand and you, together we got this.”

Now you know. 

Premium license vs Advanced license based on price and features.

Freehand does not offer “auto renewal subscription” software, these are “voluntary renewal licenses”. At Freehand we earn our client’s business through the development, delivery and support of great business solutions and support.  Users wanting to renew yearly, that is Freehand’s business mission. 🙂

Business is all about PROFITS. Anytime you can invest your money to get an immediate return on that investment the use of that software, supply, or machine is FREE of cost for the remaining time you use it delivering maximum profits. Pay less to get more. With LOWEST pricing ever Freehand delivers FULL use software. You win twice.

Ultimately Freehand delivers two solutions to give our clients the ability to choose. Premium makes the best business sense. No limitations and lowest amount out of pocket delivers the fastest ROI.

With the Premium license upgrades, updates, patches, support…it’s all FREE for Premium users.

The Advanced license that is a one time pay exactly the software has always been sold. The software is compatible with current supported OS versions at the time of purchase. Meaning when Windows or Apple advances the OS you would have to stay with your current OS version or reinvest (upgrade) Separation Studio™. Also note that any NEW features and tools released would not apply to the version you operate. Great software that runs the features you liked at the time of purchase.

Is it a mistake not starting with the Premium License?

Users that love to learn and work with a great set of software features are happy until they learn about a new feature they just have to have. No worries. You have 24 months from date of license purchase to convert from the Advanced License over to the Premium License without a penalty. You’ll then receive the latest software version and be a Premium user with access to all the advancements as they release. Yet, your Premium plan i snot up for renewal for the full 24 months from original purchase date of the Advanced license has expired. For example, if you purchased the Advanced version January 1, 2020 and on January 1, 2021 you switch to the Premium plan you have a full year left before the yearly fee is implemented, yet you immediately start working the latest version of SPSS4. This buyer protection is designed to keep you productive AND happy.

Are the features the same in both software?

At the initial time of purchase “yes”, but Premium licenses features will continue to grow receiving FREE upgrades throughout the year. Advanced licenses will continue to operate using the fixed set of features and tools they enjoyed at the time of purchase. As a special bonus for all users Premium and Advanced we built a “direct to inkjet printing” feature (no RIP required) in the Print Commander of Spot Process™ Separation Studio™. As well as a FREE 1 year All Black Ink Licenses. Premium users get this for a full year included each year they renew while Advanced license users can choose to renew this licenses separately.

Is this License plan unique to SPSS4 or Freehand?

All software has always been Licensed for use by companies around the world to individuals and businesses. Software is Intellectual Property providing incredible value with every click. With every purchase the License holder is provided specific Terms of Use. While sales terms such as “purchase and buy” may have you believe that all the software you paid for are owned by you, in reality you paid for a “License for Use.” These are the “terms of use” we all agree to during the installation process.

What License can I get from my reseller?

A select group of Authorized Resellers of Spot Process™ Separation Studio™ 4 can provide to you the Advanced User License. Remember, with a full 24 months to change over to Premium without any cost a purchase made through your favorite reseller is always a good thing.

The Premium License is a pay per year License and therefore available only through Freehand. Select Premium in the Shop. Yes, you can also purchase on this site the Advanced license.

Premium License:

Premium is an all inclusive user license. All features and functions are included for a full year of use. Free support, updates and upgrades. All Black Ink License included. 

Advanced License:

All Black Ink™ License (ABI): $0/ first year.  $199.00 renewal or FREE when you accrue 175 Rewards Points during the same year through the purchase of Freehand supplies.

Users automatically accrue purchase points when buying select pre-press supplies from Freehand.  Points can be used to lower or remove the ABI license renewal fee.


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