Get started with Software Licensing…it’s right for your business.

Software is a product you “License for Use”.  Read on…

Appreciate advancing features (updates) and operating systems and free expert support during license term with a fixed annual cost. Use a free trial to start profiting right away.

What is software licensing really all about? 

All software has always been Licensed for use by companies around the world to individuals and businesses. Software is “Intellectual Property” providing incredible value with every click. With every purchase the License holder is provided specific Terms of Use. While sales terms such as “purchase and buy” may have you believe that all the software you paid for are owned by you, in reality you paid for a “License for Use.” These are the “terms of use” we all agree to during the installation process.

With licensing software companies offer payment terms. An annual license is an example of the time frame of use.  When the payment is needed in the sales process is the business relationship between the end-user and software company. Freehand offers a “Voluntary Renewable License” with payment at the start of a one-year term (annual license). YOU are “in full control” of any payment process.  At Freehand software does not automatically renew which means  NO auto debit or payment collected.

At Freehand we develop and service software that makes our clients money. We want to earn your respect and desire to use our software to compliment your business. Your success is our success. At Freehand we earn our client’s business through the development, delivery and support of great business solutions and support.  A large team of engineering and UI experts work very hard to develop the best screen print software solutions supporting and updating regularly to deliver the best business solutions possible. Initial and on-going development costs are very high, and software companies are challenged to remain a viable and profitable solution for each user. We recognize that you should want to use our software and your success and ROI is how we stay relevant. At Freehand we must earn our money so you can too.

Business (yours and ours) is all about PROFITS. Anytime you can invest your money to get an immediate return on that investment the use of that software, supply, or machine is FREE of cost for the remaining time you use it delivering maximum profits. Pay less to get more. With LOWEST pricing ever Freehand delivers FULL use software. You win twice.

Here’s what it really means to use a software license:

No matter “how you pay” or even “how much you pay”, business is about profits. As long as you make more money than you spend you are in the business black and that is where we all want to be. 

We all buy/lease/rent many items we need to run our business. The money we lay out for these items is our investment. What we all want is a fast return on investments (ROI). The moment we get all the money back from the initial investment the profits generated from that moment on are “pure profit.” Software used every day for every job returns profits faster than any other item in business. 

Release your preconceived notions of what you “think it costs” to use software and embrace the “reality of how little it cost” upfront enjoying the huge returns it brings. Everything in business should be as profitable as investing in and using software. 

We mean it when we say, “Freehand and you, together we got this.” Now you know. 



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