Print using AccuRIP Emerald, Ruby, BP, BPSE and all RIP software using Hot Folders.

    Spot Process™

Studio™ NXT

Screen Printing Software That Makes Great Separations

Automated Color Separations • PressFit • Flexible Workflow Options • One Click Underbase Creator • Choke and Spread • Load Custom Pre-press Templates, Ink and Textile Sets and so much more…

Sep Studio™ NXT fits perfectly into your existing Adobe™ and Corel™ design world. Developed by screen printers for screen printers. More than a color separation software, it’s a business workflow that makes you money.

Windows 8 and higher • Mac High Sierra and higher

Sep Studio NXT
Software License


Sep Studio NXT
AccuRIP Emerald
Software Bundle


Sep Studio NXT
AccuRIP Emerald Bundle
w/ iX6820 Ink Kit


Sep Studio NXT
Software License


Sep Studio NXT
AccuRIP Emerald
Software Bundle


Sep Studio NXT
AccuRIP Emerald Bundle
w/ iX6820 Ink Kit


Sep Studio NXT
w/ Dmax Dye Ink


Sep Studio NXT
AccuRIP Emerald Bundle
w/ Dmax Dye Ink


Sep Studio NXT
w/ Dmax Dye Ink


Sep Studio NXT
AccuRIP Emerald Bundle
w/ Dmax Dye Ink


Sep Studio NXT Screen Printing Software:

Reimagined and Redesigned

Separation magic with real-world screen-print specific tools and functionality. Plus, the flexibility to use any film printing RIP thanks to a more powerful “SAVE to File” feature that retains stock and custom pre-press marks directly into a .eps file. Sep Studio NXT is truly a solution for every screen printer. Think you can’t use Sep Studio NXT because you don’t have Emerald? Think again, with a nucleus workflow configuration this software is for you!

Separation Studio NXT Includes:

    • Legendary Spot Process™ Sim Process color separation engine
    • Vector PDF color separation engine quickly converts unwanted process to useful spot colors
    • Robust Print window controls pressmarks, loads and organizes custom pre-press templates
    • Load and edit custom textile and ink sets from your favorite manufacturers
    • Direct print thru AccuRIP™ Emerald, Ruby, Black Pearl or Black Pearl SE
    • Supports Hot Folder printing using other popular RIP software brands
    • Fly out tool options speed up workflow
    • Dockable floating windows to customize your workspace
    • Faster processing of files
    • Improved separation management for complex gradients
    • Save and Print through any RIP
    • Pressmarks saved into file
    • Registration color and document dimensions honored
    • and much more…

Separation Studio NXT: Nucleus Workflow

A nucleus workflow is more flexible and compatible than any previous printing workflow putting your RIP (AccuRIP or any other brand) at the center and in control of all your printing needs. Flexibility and compatibility far beyond anything prior.

Sep Studio™ NXT and AccuRIP™ Emerald Workflow:
Sep Studio™ NXT, Adobe™, Corel™ or any favorite graphics software process files through AccuRIP™ Emerald to all Certified/approved printer models. Emerald like other RIP software is a separate stand alone software. Download a free trial of Emerald with your Sep Studio NXT trial.

Sep Studio™ NXT print directly thru AccuRIP™ Emerald, Ruby, Black Pearl, Black Pearl SE, Wasatch™, CadLink™ or any other RIP using a Hot Folder workflow:
Greater abilities. Import Saved or Exported Sep Studio™ NXT separations into Adobe™, Corel™ or your favorite graphics program printing to an inkjet printer through your favorite version of AccuRIP™ or any other RIP software. This expands your graphics software toolkit delivering flexibility and production options by not limiting the power of printing to just Sep Studio™ NXT.

A nucleus workflow maintains your use of a legacy model inkjet printer through older versions of AccuRIP™ or another brand of RIP software. With a RIP installed onto a local hard drive or setup on a networked RIP server computer (Windows for Mac) using a nucleus print workflow delivers the freedom to modernize all other workstations computer OS and graphic software across your network while keeping the RIP server from falling out of compatibility with your treasured legacy printer.

Things just got a whole lot better.

Separation Studio NXT: Flexibility

Sep Studio™ NXT driven by our legendary Spot Process™ color separation engine will make easy work of your most challenging separation needs.

Sep Studio™ NXT auto detects a file format, then properly separates a file into either Sim Process or raster spot color separations. RGB .tif, .png, and .jpg separate into Sim Process seps, while RGB or CMYK vector .pdf or .ai formats are properly separated into high quality raster spot color seps.

Create award winning sim process separations or instantly convert unwanted or overlooked process colors into useful spot color seps.

With a full compliment of editing tools, you can isolate areas, erase, adjust color and density, control saturation and desaturation of colors based on range, choke and spread, make customized base screens, merge colors, load and edit custom pre-press template marks, ink / textile sets and so much more.

Sep Studio™ NXT can be configured to print thru AccuRIP™ or any other popular brand RIP that uses a Hot Folder workflow supporting .ps files. You can also SAVE or EXPORT seps with or without printing marks to print from your favorite graphics program through your existing RIP (AccuRIP™, Wasatch, CadLink, Onyx, Harlequin…).

This software software is for every screen printer. It’s all about flexibility.

Art prep, color separation and
film output is a snap

Don’t waste time fixing client supplied, downloaded, or improperly color managed artwork. Experience the power of color separation automation with intelligence. Have a poorly developed client created or downloaded art file? Expertly separate, manage, then print with control and confidence using Sep Studio™ NXT. The industry’s best software developed, sold, and supported by the company that has been leading the screen print industry for the past 5 decades. Freehand and you, together we got this.

Windows 8 and higher
Mac High Sierra and higher

Take full control of your artwork

Check out these features…

  • vector PDF support in its own powerful engine
  • transparency support (PSD) means placing graphics in front and behind tonal images is always easy when using Adobe and Corel programs
  • underbase with choke and spread is the screen print specific ability you’ve been searching for
  • auto convert unwanted process to useful spot colors reducing screens for customer supplied files and downloaded stock art. The amount of time this auto feature saves each screen print artist is immeasurable
  • textile and press ink custom libraries connect what you see on-screen to what will happen on-press. Working with libraries is the most efficient way to work
  • PressFit™ gives you drag and drop control to reduce press screens in a production run
  • ColorCrunch™ returns. Reduce Sim Process files down to 6 colors or less with just one click

Great films make great screen prints.

Production power is unleashed with Sep Studio™ NXT. More flexible than ever NXT opens the world of graphic applications and RIP software to your business. Print directly through AccuRIP™ Emerald or save files with or without press marks printing through your favorite graphics application and RIP to hundreds of inkjet and DTS printers. Total freedom.

  • Screen print specific Print Window with press-marks and preview
  • Print directly through AccuRIP™ or any other RIP program that uses a Hot Folder workflow supporting .ps files
  • Load, Edit or create custom Ink and Textile libraries
  • Dynamic print size and position controls
  • Compatible with all modern Mac and Windows OS versions
  • Use stock or load custom pre-press mark layouts
  • Design your own app layout using floating feature windows
  • Improved file handling opens files faster
  • Free updates and upgrades all with easy low cost subscription license
  • Cloud based user controlled license prevents downtime 24/7
  • Two simultaneous activations per license (one cloud one USB dongle). iLok USB dongle sold separately online at Amazon

Downtime is Gone Forever!

Let’s face it, computer hardware failure is a big problem and it seems to happen at the worst time. Getting your screen printing software reinstalled and activated should not add downtime to an already stressful situation. Freehand makes it easy.

With iLok online cloud control manager you can activate/deactivate/move a software license at anytime. No more need to submit support tickets or install trials. You are in total control 24/7.

Each software license allows a cloud and ilok USB dongle activation on separate computers. That’s 2 simultaneous activations to prevent downtime while ensuring and expanding production.

iLok® dongles are low cost and readily available online from sources like Amazon.


  • Freehand was absolutely fantastic, they helped clear up our software conflicts. Fast, knowledgeable, and did I mention fast? Can’t ask for better online support A+++ . Review #426

    – Fantasy T-Shirts
  • Your tech support at Freehand is truly results driven...I appreciate your team spending time on my issue. Thanks! Review #454

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    Mpact Design
  • WOW! Works like a champ. Thanks for the help. I really appreciate it. Back to work. Review #198

    – Stantons Apparel
  • Great product. Great support and service. I wish we would have started out with AccuRIP instead of two dongle failures and various output issues with our original RIP software purchase. Review #232

    – Booster Print

Unlimited Screen Printing Software Support Included

When you take a free trial or purchase any screen printing software/RIP software/product sold by Freehand you enjoy unlimited assistance from a team of in-house experts and professional screen printers unequaled in the industry. Since 1995 we’ve been supporting the software and products we engineer. We’re fanatically good at what we do for you.

  • Unlimited live agent support included
  • Screen Print and computer experts
  • Safe/Secure direct Remote Login support
  • Unlimited file and workflow assistance/evaluation for Adobe™ and Corel™ users
  • Full range of self-help videos, articles, and tips available 24/7



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