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AccuRIP™ Emerald


Windows 8 through Windows 10  •  Apple El Capitan through Big Sur

AccuRIP™ Emerald breaks through barriers! Emerald prints to just about every printer on the planet including laser printers!

AccuRIP™ software is your go-to solution for printing great films from Adobe, Corel, or other mainstream graphics applications. Simply choose our universal “AccuRIP Emerald” printer driver in the print window. No learning curve, simply select the print driver, choose the separation settings you need and print perfect film separations. It could not be easier.

Professional Screen Printers all the way to hobbyists will appreciate how fast and easy it is to setup and configure Emerald producing top-quality results. Emerald automatically installs its own printer driver. Sharp, clean, dense films that expose easily making the best screen prints possible. Freehand™, the pioneer of All Black Ink™, delivers ultimate control over this cost effective and technically correct method of loading an inkjet with Dmax™ Black Dye Ink, turning your inkjet printer into a dedicated film printing machine. Ink cartridge and tank solutions are both supported. Freehand’s team knows what you need to do and how to do it best.

AccuRIP™ seamlessly delivers the essential Postscript to Raster language translation necessary to print proper film positives. Both solid spot color and halftone separations are produced from vector and raster files displayed by our Proof Positive™ pixel perfect preview. You can even save and share separated files to be printed without the need of another RIP. If you are a screen-print artist, you need AccuRIP™ software.

Software that makes you money. With Freehand™ software and products your company will always be “in the black.”

Spot Process™ Separation Studio™ 4


Windows 8 through Windows 10  •  Apple El Capitan through Catalina

Spot Process™ Separation Studio™ 4 software is exploding with ability for screen printers! One powerful color separation software that handles one color to multicolor separations as Sim Process and Spot Color solids and/or halftones with DIRECT TO INKJET printing (no external RIP software needed). Sep Studio™ Version 4 is redesigned and re-imagined with 80% more features and tools than previous versions.

Looking for the perfect separation and RIP software to address difficult to handle customer supplied or downloaded vector PDF and tonal raster images? Look no further. Sep Studio™ 4 instantly converts unwanted or stray process colors to useful spot colors! No other software has ever accomplished this. Color conversion and extra handling of poorly constructed files is over. The struggle is over!

In 1995 Freehand™ astounded the industry with Spot Process™ software that automatically handles complex Sim Process separations and it’s done it again with Spot Colors. Sep Studio™ 4 now has two built in file management engines, engine one (Spot Process™) handles all raster tonal images, turning them into perfect RGB based Sim Process separations, while the all NEW engine two handles and converts vector PDF files, seamlessly converting unwanted process colors to useful spot colors, creating perfect solid and halftone spot color separations simply by opening the file. Sep Studio™ 4 automatically analyzes a file and its format, instantly opening and separating the file properly. It has never been easier to run a busy print shop meeting production schedules. Not just a software, Sep Studio™ 4 is a business tool. Pure Power!

Freehand’s Sep Studio™ 4 software solved the next greatest challenge with a fast, easy, and accurate way to instantly color separate and manage vector style PDF format graphics. Adobe and Corel users will instantly embrace this groundbreaking and time saving business tool for every level user.

Software that makes you money. With Freehand™ software and products your company will always be “in the black.”


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Sourcing the right software

Color Separation and Film Printing software for screen printers:
• Freehand’s AccuRIP™ Emerald
• Freehand’s Spot Process™ Separation Studio™ 4

AccuRIP™ and Separation Studio™ 4 are very different software engineered for specific tasks. Users that print directly from mainstream postscript software need AccuRIP™ to process the data to their inkjet printers. Stock manufacturer inkjet printer drivers can NOT properly process postscript separations so a RIP software is necessary.

For those looking to make separations then print directly from one program will choose Separation Studio™. For those that wish to print directly from mainstream programs will choose AccuRIP™. For the busy print shop that needs maximum flexibility and control having and using both software as needed is the best choice.


Spot Process™ Separation Studio™

With a built-in RIP ability Separation Studio™ 4 has the ability to print solid and halftone separations directly to supported inkjet printers. For a full list of supported inkjet printers go to Supported Printers

Separation Studio™ takes printing screen print films to a whole new level. With the most robust set of pre-press printers, marks, and abilities the Print Commander window has multiple styles of registration marks, control over their location, gangs up (nests) films to save film, has a large preview window, converts unwanted process colors to useful spot colors, and so much more. Everything a screen printer needs and nothing they don’t. With this one software you can print directly to your inkjet printer without any added workflow steps.
Finally, a proper software built by screen printers for screen printers.

It’s very smart software. Upon opening each file the software analyzes the file format and data then separates the file properly using either Spot Process™ for Sim Process separations or converts vector data to powerful spot color separations with or without halftones.

Expertly handling two of the industry’s most common separation methods has made Separation Studio™ the #1 software.

Spot Process™ separates tonal images into its RGB color components as well as developing an underbase, overprint white highlight, and black. Most users know this as Sim Process color separating and know that it is difficult at best to manage outside of Separation Studio™ 4. Without Sep Studio™ it would take an untold amount of hours to get to the finish line. Sep Studio™ 4 color separates using a mathematical algorithm and in seconds the image is separated as it is being opened in the sim process engine. The user is provided easy to use tools to transform the separation into a ready for film file that will deliver the finest halftone separations on-screen and on-press. Sim Process separations are not only those highly colored and intricate designs you see at trade shows. They can be just a few colors and rather simple in its look.

The PDF vector converter in Sep Studio™ 4 manages vector and raster files delivering spot colors. One of the greatest values of this part of the software is how it auto converts improperly built files with a mix of spot and process colors. Taking in files from clients or downloading from stock sites often leaves artists with files that can take hours to repair and the repair work can be confusing and frustrating. This engine also loves a well built file and in seconds the user adds an underbase, reduces the number of press colors, merges data, and much more. With an automated underbase feature and the ability to choke and spread Sep Studio™ is taking over the screen print industry as the best choice software for all screen printers.

Don’t want to print from Sep Studio™? You can save all files as a .psd or export as a DCS2.eps to be printed from any mainstream program through AccuRIP™. Flexibility and control are built in.



The vast majority of screen print artists create and manage art using Adobe and/or Corel. That’s great news because both of Freehand’s software are engineered to fit perfectly into the world of Adobe and Corel and other mainstream graphics programs.

Mainstream software used by screen printers:
• Adobe Illustrator
• Adobe Photoshop
• Adobe InDesign
• CorelDRAW
• Corel Painter
• Any other software that has a separation feature in its print window

Users that want to print film from these programs with ease and control over solids and halftones, plus control over how the ink is laid down on film media will choose AccuRIP™. Printing directly from the Print Window of Adobe or Corel using the AccuRIP™ software driver to an Epson or Canon supported printer is easy. Mainstream programs are based in PostScript, inkjet printers are not. AccuRIP™ is the PostScript translator ALL screen printers need to achieve accurate films specific to the needs of the screen printer. AccuRIP™ is NOT a color separation software, it manages the critical part of processing separation commands from mainstream software. Whatever your software can do AccuRIP™ can process for you. Solids print as solids and tonal aspects (tints, gradients, blends) print as halftones to the specifications setup by the user in AccuRIP™.


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