Ripcore Error

There are two unique errors: “Unable to Connect to Ripcore” and “Lost Connection to Ripcore” although Mac users may not see an error displayed.

Windows Only
“Unable to Connect” appears on screen when OPENING AccuRIP. AccuRIP closes when you click the message. Check if the Ripcore Service has been turned off wither by a firewall software setting or by a user. From the RUN accessory Press and Hold the Windows keyboard button and the letter “R” simultaneously, enter “services.msc”. Locate the Ripcore Service and “Start” the service if not on. Open AccuRIP. If it was ON follow video instructions below.

Mac Only
You ONLY see the AccuRIP Menu (no others appear). AccuRIP does not open on screen. You may not see an error message. Follow video instructions below.

“Lost Connection to Ripcore” message appears onscreen each time you print a file. AccuRIP OPENS. This indicates the issue is with the FILE and not the software. A PostScript error is crashing the engine. Locate and resolve the file PostScript error. Tips: Close and reopen AccuRIP resetting the software. From the FILE menu print a TEST PAGE. to prove the RIP is operational. Still need to print the same file? Copy and Paste the file contents to a NEW blank document and convert all fonts to Curves or Outlines. If it then prints the error was in the page or font. If it does not print, recreate the art and simplify the design.


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