Software that has gone End of Life (EOL):

AccuRIP Ruby (support continues. upgrade required)
AccuRIP Black Pearl (support continues. upgrade required)
AccuRIP 1.03 and earlier (all support ended. upgrade required)
Spot Process Separation Studio 4.0 and earlier (general use support continues)
Spot Process VueRite (all support ended. upgrade required)
Spot Process Photoshop Plug-In (all support ended. Upgrade required)
ColorCrunch (all support ended. upgrade required)

AccuRIP 1.03 and earlier, Spot Process Separation Studio 3.0 and earlier, Spot Process VueRite, Spot Process Photoshop Plug-In, AccuRIP Black Pearl, AccuRIP Ruby, Proof Positive and ColorCrunch have all gone End of Life.

To keep pace with advancing operating systems, evolving hardware architectures and to advance the technology, all systems and resources have been upgraded to support and develop the latest and current shipping software. As a result, aspects of technical support for previous versions have ended, including the ability to reactivate a license after a hardware failure, crash, reformat or other loss of control issues. All support is restored upon upgrading to a current shipping version and based on the License selection made by the User.

What happens if I continue to use an EOL version?

With all new yearly licenses software will never reach the same end of life situations that older perpetual versions. You are always up to date and compatible with a yearly license. If you continue to use a previous older perpetual version, some technical support options will expire. As long as the software is still operational, you can request answers to general use questions. Not all EOL user questions can be answered. You may be able to transfer the license from one computer to another as long as the Operating System is compatible, and you can use the built-in transfer feature and successfully reach the older product server. Internet Service Provider issues preventing the transfer fall under the category of loss of control. When hardware fails or you have a loss of control, the option is to advance to the latest version is the recommended path. Freehand offers no guarantee that a software that has gone EOL can or will be operational after an attempt to Transfer the License to another computer, nor will it reset the software back to the computer it was installed on prior to the Transfer attempt.

Is ‘End of Life’ a Freehand policy?

End of Life is a global software industry policy. For example, Windows XP went End of Life. In the case of Microsoft they have fully ended support.

What does it cost to upgrade?

Current pricing to move up to the latest versions are posted on the Freehand web site. Once you are on a “term license” such as a one-year plan there are no upgrade or update costs within the term period. When the term is up you simply renew on the web site. Freehand does not provide auto-renewals. Renewals are managed by the user.

What coverage do I get with current shipping versions?

Freehand offers FREE unlimited online live agent support. Support includes email responses, remote login sessions with chat/voice communication as applicable, and the delivery of valuable links to documents and videos. In some cases you will be directed to another source for help when it is not related to a condition of a Freehand software.


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