For those seeking AccuRIP™ Software

We apologize for the interruption in our ability to deliver AccuRIP™ for Mac at this time. AccuRIP™ for Windows is currently available. AccuRIP for Mac is slated for release early June 2021.

Your production and business success is paramount to Freehand. During this brief gap period Freehand has teamed up with ZEDOnet GmbH to bring you PrintFab software RIP with a FULL 30 day FREE trial and purchase option. You will be printing today.

Tested, approved, this software includes Freehand’s unlimited U.S. based technical support. PrintFab is easy to install and operate and it supports All Black Printing!

Operates on Mac Big Sur OS.

Use it FREE for a full 30 days. Users that purchase PrintFab in 2021 from Freehand for use with printer models also supported by AccuRIP™ prior to the rerelease date of AccuRIP™ are entitled to a FREE 1 year license of AccuRIP™ Emerald directly from Freehand not ZEDOnet, giving you two great RIP software licenses for the price of one!

“Freehand and you, together we got this”.

PrintFab supports all these printer models.

Artisan 1430/50,  SC-P400/600/800, Stylus Photo 1400/1410/1500, WorkForce WF-1100/7210/7710/7720, XP-15000, SC-T3170/3170X, L1300/1800,
ET-7700/7750/16500/14000, Stylus Pro 3880/4800/4880/7900, T3270

Pixma Pro-100/100s, iX 6820

Click to Watch our Installation Guides

How To Print with PrintFab and our Recommended Settings

Printing with PrintFab is straightforward. Simply choose the driver in the print window as you would any printer. Solid separations will print as expected. If you wish to print halftones open the print settings window to control your halftone settings. Watch the video for more detail.

General Recommended Epson Settings:

  • 1440 DPI
  • 220% Ink Saturation
  • 40 Screen LPI
  • Halftone Screen Mode: Multi Black (All Black Ink™) or Single Black
  • 25 Screen Angle
  • Round Screen Shape (Halftone Shape)
  • Medium Drop Size 2

General Recommended Canon Settings:

  • 2400 or 9600 DPI
  • Paper: Transparent CF102
  • 220% Ink Saturation
  • 40 Screen LPI
  • Halftone Screen Mode: Multi Black (All Black Ink™)
  • 25 Screen Angle
  • Round Screen Shape (Halftone Shape)
  • Medium Drop Size 2

Specific Recommended Settings for Epson and Canon Printers

Click your printer to see recommended settings

*The Epson T3270 is not supported by PrintFab

How to Activate Your PrintFab License

All users should have an active or expired PrintFab trial installed before activation.

Following purchase navigate to your MY ACCOUNT, under the “My Software Licenses” dropdown locate, highlight, and copy the PrintFab serial number.

Next, go to this page of PrintFab ZEDOnet’s Website and paste the serial number into the “License order code” field. Properly fill out the rest of the form, and click “Send”. ZEDOnet will email you a license Keyfile used to activate the software.

On Windows: Open PrintFab, in the lower right corner of the PrintFab window Click “About/License”. Then click “Select license Keyfile…”. Now locate and select your downloaded license Keyfile in the file browser, and click “Open”. Click “OK” in the following windows.

On Mac: Locate your downloaded license Keyfile in Finder then double click it. In the PrintFab windows that appear click “Yes”, enter your password, click “OK”, then click “OK” again.


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