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ALL BLACK INK™ (ABI) feature is expiring soon, or has expired.

Congratulations on your first successful FREE year of using Freehand’s All Black Ink™ feature to produce the best quality and most cost effective film separations possible. Freehand appreciates your business.

We trust this powerful feature served your business well and that you’re excited to voluntarily continue benefiting from the production power and profit-making value of All Black Ink™.

Continue using this FULL featured license with FREE support all for just 48 cents per day!

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This is NOT an Auto Subscription license.

With historic low pricing of just 48 cents per day this is a business asset that delivers huge profits. At Freehand we do not cost our clients money, we make them money and lots of it.

At Freehand we too do NOT believe in software licenses that AUTO renew yearly forcing clients to either stop auto-renewal payments, become concerned over cost, or experience unexpected increases. That is exactly why some subscription plans have developed a stigma when they should be celebrated as “a low cost way to deliver high value software.”

Freehand works hard to have our clients appreciate the power and benefits of using Freehand products to make their businesses profitable. Engineering software that users want to use has been our mission for 5 decades.

Get your next year ABI™ license for FREE:

Freehand has a full line of essential highest quality pre-press supplies from Dmax™ Dye film printing ink by the bottle, money saving eco-friendly Refillable All Black Ink™ systems for popular printer models, Amaze-Ink™ clog busting head cleaner and more… purchase $350 or more of essential supplies through the year or as a one-time purchase to get a FREE one year ABI™ license.

Profit from the experience.

Freehand and you, together we got this.


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