Separation Studio 4 Release Notes

Version 4.0.80

What’s changed
  • Added a border to the color swatches in Print Commander so that dark colors don’t blend into the background UI.
Bug fixes
  • App no longer crashes when you make a box selection that extends off-screen.
  • Creating an underbase after a spread on the document no longer results in an offset underbase.
  • Editing a duplicated underbase no longer crashes the app.
  • Accessing Press Fit on files saved from app will no longer crash and Press Fit state is same as when saved.
  • Expansion in Print Commander will only open and close if you click the open/close arrow; not the header area.
  • Duplicated separations with a spread will is better aligned with the source separation.
  • Opening files inside folders with Korean characters no longer results in an error message.
  • Textile selection will now be saved with the .PSD file.
  • Dialogue boxes will no longer move when resized from the left-hand size.
  • Canceling loading a PDF will no longer result in an error message.

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