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Ruby and Sep Studio 4

Software features designed for the ultimate end game…your very best press prints.


Success begins at pre-press. Separate yourself from your competition and grow your business using color separation and film printing software engineered by Freehand. The efficient and screen print focused abilities inside Freehand software set AccuRIP and Sep Studio 4 software apart from all others, and set you up for success now and in the future.

  Features in AccuRIP Ruby

 Features in Sep Studio 4

Original All Black Ink™ Printing

Freehand’s genuine All Black Ink Feature when activated in AccuRIP and/or Sep Studio 4 provides printing from all or any combination of slots. These slots contain black ink for true film printing productivity. Software purchases (NEW and Upgrades) always include the All Black Feature. A simple system (AccuRIP Ruby users get their code in their My Account), or automatically (Sep Studio 4 users will automatically unlock). Renew FREE, here’s how…

Repeat business equals rewards. One supply or software, or any combination of products adding to $175 (made over the course of one year) is all it takes to renew the Feature FREE for another year. EVERY USER of the All Black Ink Feature purchases ink and/or ink systems. Freehand has the best! Don’t want to buy a Freehand ink or supply within the year? Purchase the Feature separately.

The unlock Feature system paves the way for future system advancements in 2020 that put all features at your fingertips and more cost and time saving abilities! What’s coming next will put power in your hands.

Did ya know… just a small purchase each year keeps Freehand strong and our team actively engineering features and abilities for your best future, and able to service every user with FREE Tech Support.


Save up to 900% on ink production using Freehand inks and pre-press products along with the All Black Feature. So, while you happily NEVER pay for slot control you’re also achieving the best results thanks to Freehand software and solutions. Refillable ink solutions offer the greatest savings opportunity!

Photo Black Printing

Ruby and Sep Studio 4 users that print from the Photo Black slot ONLY have this ability set in the software as the default. Nothing to configure or unlock. Keep the default set to Photo Black and you’re ready to produce great films. Be sure to choose Dmax™ dye ink for reliable UV light blocking films.

Auto Wizard Setup

AccuRIP Ruby and Sep Studio 4 get you setup and working in a few short minutes thanks to the Auto Wizard feature. With so many complicated software on the market nothing makes a user happier than a quick setup that any level user can easily step through. And, the Wizard is your first indication that Freehand software has the shortest learning curve and will be easy to implement into your daily routine as a screen print artist and pre-press professional.

Auto Maintenance

NEW: Printer maintenance features are built in. No more searching for printer utilities to check or clean a print head. Canon Pixma Pro-100, Epson 1430, and Epson P400 desktop model users easily schedule auto maintenance routines and print head cleaning. Expanding this ability for other popular models.

Print nozzle checks, clean the print head, schedule automatic and unattended nozzle checks and cleanings to keep the printer in top working condition. Long weekends, vacations, and long periods of no use will no longer be a worry.

Print Commander: Built in RIP

Auto detection of supported printers during setup starts one of the best film printing experiences you’ll have. This powerful color separation software has a built in RIP to print your separations to film all within Sep Studio 4. Film output is as easy as it is with AccuRIP, and it offers numerous screen print friendly features like auto nesting, control of registration marks and labels, halftone control, auto rotation, and much more. Previous Sep Studio users will immediately appreciate the Print Commander because printing from within the software is a huge time saver.

Corel, Adobe and More…

Natural Corel, Adobe and other mainstream program workflows to produce black films from colorful art files is a favorite aspect of using AccuRIP. You’ll work directly in the print window of your design program (no jumping around) and select the AccuRIP printer driver. The easiest part of your day will be printing with AccuRIP.

Separate Raster and Vector as Spot Colors

NEW: Sep Studio has support for Vector PDF files as well as Raster image files with transparency support. And, with the built-in ability to auto convert unwanted cmyk colors to screen print friendly spot colors you are assured that you are working within a software engineered for screen printers. The tasks you once struggled with are easy thanks to the engines in Sep Studio 4.

Constant Calibration Enhanced Accuracy

NEW: Constant Calibration is a Freehand engineered feature that improves print quality by constantly calibrating the print head. When the feature is ON the thinest line is printed on one side of your films by design. The line can be controlled (Configuration Window) to print dashed or solid, thick or thin. Feature is ON by default for Canon users and OFF by default for Epson users. Our Tech Team can answer your questions, or guide you.


An instant favorite is the PressFit feature with an easy graphic interface. Reducing the number of press colors has never been easier. Drag and drop control lets you achieve the end results you need to fit the press and/or your customer’s budget.

Faster Navigation

NEW: Ruby dramatically reduced screen real estate through a streamlined layout using a lot less screen space while showing all important file processing information. The result is faster navigation of the user interface and great productivity.

Custom Color Libraries

Textile and press ink color libraries can be created, edited and used. Sep Studio 4 offers easily control of color so you can achieve even on screen and on press the color demands of the file and your customer.

Halftone Size and Shape Control

When your file has tints or tonal values your halftones will automatically print to film. Lock in halftone size and shape, and edit easily as needed. While both software produce solids as well, halftones have mystified users. Freehand software makes easy work of halftones.

Separation Studio 4 also offers individual control of halftones on a each film. Yes you can have a variety of shapes sizes on one film for amazing effects.

Operating System Ready  •  Printer Compatibility

NEW: Compatibility for future Operating Systems means FREE updates to Ruby users. Current compatibility for ALL the Black Pearl supported printers! Sep Studio 4 PREMIUM users get automatic updates to new operating systems.

Printer compatibility is matched for AccuRIP Ruby and Sep Studio 4. With nearly 5 dozen supported models, users easily find a printer perfect their needs and they can print to it from both software. Compatibility Info

Note: users of the P800 can print through Sep Studio 4, but need AccuRIP Black Pearl SE available exclusively through authorized screen print Epson resellers.

FREE Support and System Protections

Tech support is FREE for Freehand software users for the lifetime of the product. No limited grace periods then pay support policies or per incident costs like so many companies. Plus, FREE Parachute Protection against system crashes for the lifetime of the product.


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