DO NOT accept or agree to Epson Firmware Updates.

Warning: Accepting and installing Epson firmware updates may cause ink cartridge chips to no longer be read properly. There are no functional hardware advantages to accepting firmware updates. Do NOT install any firmware updates when using All Black Ink™ / Dmax™ refillable ink cartridges.

DO NOT fill, refill or top off cartridges while in the printer. Always take cartridges out to fill.

CAUTION pigment film is the wrong film type for dye ink.

Dmax Dye Ink™ T3270 Matte Slot Only



(1) 700mL empty ink cartridge with chip (for Matte Slot ONLY)
(1) 1 Liter bottle Dmax Dye Ink™
(1) Funnel
(2) Gloves

Freehand’s Dmax™ Ink Starter Kit is used with AccuRIP™ Emerald Software!


Step One:
Setup your Epson printer using stock Epson inks. Contact Epson directly if printer is not printing and/or producing a clean test print from the Epson Printer Driver. If operational, continue to step two.

(a) Remove any air hole tab on the cartridge or open plug.
(b) Wearing gloves and using the included funnel fill the cartridge with no more than 700mL of Dmax Black Dye Ink™.
(c) Add ink slow enough to avoid a spillover.
(d) Replace plug before installation

Note: If the cartridge reports a failure during normal use, removing the air hole plug and reinserting will often resolve the issue.

Step Three:
Insert the cartridge in the matte slot (using the same procedure used to insert an Epson cart)

Step Four:
Install and setup AccuRIP™ Emerald Software by Freehand. Make sure that the All Black Ink™ feature is ON and configured to the Matte Slot only. Incorrect configuration will result in the use of colored ink and/or black pigment ink. Refer to your AccuRIP™ Emerald documentation. Open the printer’s OEM driver and run a Nozzle Pattern test print to verify the printer is clean and BLACK ink is properly printing. If necessary run a cleaning routine.

A clean Nozzle Pattern test print means you are ready to start printing films.

With a variety of film manufacturers with different manufacturing specifications some will work best, work better than others, or not work well at all. Look for film that works with DYE ink when using the Dmax™ Dye in your Ink Master Kit.

Approved Film Brands: DarkStar™ • Rite Film™
Unapproved Film Brands: Ulano PIJF (Pigment Inkjet Film). This otherwise fine brand is NOT coated for best results with DYE like Dmax Ink™. Dye is recommended for printing films for screen exposure. PIJF is for use with pigment ink. Poor results of an ink and film mismatch include slow drying, inconsistent results, a haze around the print that happens as water separates the emulsion from the carrier sheet.

When is it time to refill?
At the first sign of a light print check the cartridge to see if it needs additional dye added. Using the provided syringe top the cartridges. REFILL THE CARTRIDGE WHILE OUTSIDE OF THE PRINTER. Be careful not to overfill the cartridge. Removing the cartridge to refill outside of the printer then inserting it will allow the chip on the cartridge to reset!

Have an extra bottle of Dmax Dye Ink™ on hand.

The ability to print quality films through the Epson T3270 happens because of two key Freehand manufactured technologies…Dmax Dye Ink™ and AccuRIP™ Ruby Software. You simply will not achieve the same success with any other products.

Freehand and you, together we got this!


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