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Do You Need a RIP?

A RIP is an essential software designed to unleash your productivity by instantly sending separations directly to the inkjet printer.

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Video Transcript

Do you need a RIP? That’s a fair question.

Why spend money on something if you don’t have to, right? We agree, but wasted time always costs you money.

Inkjet printers are non-postscript, your graphics programs are postscript. Postscript is a computer graphics language that interprets elements of an image into the raster language of an inkjet printer. In order to access all the time saving features and critical abilities you must select a RIP printer driver. RIP stands for raster image processor. The RIP is your expert translator from file to film.

Selecting a non-postscript driver such as the genuine Epson or Canon printer driver will not provide access to needed separation features. Only a RIP unlocks these abilities.

Is a RIP just for halftones? NO. A RIP effectively translates then processes solid AND halftone separations, spot and process colors, controls ink flow, nests images to save film, and much more.

Time is money. Separating images by hand is slow, inefficient, pre-computer age, and costly. Do you still want to waste your time and money?

Save time, save money, improve everything, use a RIP.

Less mouse clicks, less time, more efficient, more profits, that’s why you need AccuRIP.

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