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Save Film Film with Nesting…AccuRIP Emerald and CorelDRAW Guide

There are many times where you can easily save film. Built into AccuRIP is an automatic feature designed to save film. Don’t worry the math equation is done by the software, but you get the rewards. If you haven’t experienced nesting (N-Up) printing, give it a try.

Learn by watching the video, or review the written transcript. If you still have questions submit a tech ticket, or reply back to your technician in an open ticket.

Video Transcript

Separation Nesting is a great and easy way to save film!

We’ll walk you through it.

Open AccuRIP.

Select your media type.

Sheets or rolls?

And what size?

If you are using rolls you can set the size and leave it.

If you’re using sheets and you decide to change sheet size at some point just come back here and let AccuRIP know so it can keep helping you nest properly. The key is to have the media size settings in AccuRIP match the film media size loaded into the printer.

Turn N-UP (nesting) ON.

And click Apply

Now that the media size is set and nesting is turned on, when the artwork’s artboard is half the width or smaller than your film’s printable width area AccuRIP will automatically nest as many separations as possible across the film before starting the next row across. The magic is in the math.

For this walkthrough we will be using a 13×19” sheet of film.

Our example image is a small 5 color design on a 13”x19” artboard. If we print now there will be only one separation per sheet.

That’s a waste of film!

Let’s save film. All it takes is to resize the artboard so it’s small enough to print side by side on one film.

In this case the film is 13×19 which has a printable area of 12×18. A 6×6 artboard is half the width and a third of the height allowing AccuRIP to automatically nest all 5 separations on a single sheet of film.

When using CorelDRAW open the Layout dropdown menu, select Page Size, then change the height and width to the desired size. In this case 6”x6”, then click OK

When you’re ready to print, open the print window, choose AccuRIP and click “use PPD”. Navigate to the Emerald PPD file in

C:\Program Files (x86)\Bluironic Technologies\AccuRIP Emerald\printdriver

Then click open. Now click the gear icon, click advanced, open the drop down menu for paper size and choose PostScript Custom Page Size, type in your artboard size, in this case 6”x6” then click OK until you’re back to the print window.

From the color tab choose separations, from the Separations tab select all the colors you wish to print, then click print.

Check the proof positive preview in AccuRIP.

This is what the printed and nested result will be.

Then click print.

That’s a lot of saved film!

Just remember whenever you desire nested separations from a single file and you’ve changed your film sheet size in the printer you’ll have to match that media size in AccuRIP to allow the magic to happen. These are the only times you will have to do this.

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