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Sharing Windows to Windows

Printing from multiple Windows computers on the same network with one license of AccuRIP™ is a powerful feature that’s easy to set up! Learn how below!

Learn by watching the video, or review the written transcript. If you still have questions submit a tech ticket, or reply back to your technician in an open ticket.

Video Transcript

AccuRIP Black Pearl™

Video Series

Windows to Windows Sharing the AccuRIP Printer Driver

how to SHARE

easily share the AccuRIP Black Pearl Driver to any number of computers in your Local Area Network

many users can print to one inkjet…

it’s easy!

A single License hosted on a single computer

with greater possibilites for active companies

Go to the START MENU > Control Panel

Right Click the AccuRIP Print Driver

choose Sharing Vista

or Printer Properties / Sharing Win 7 thru 10

select “Share this Printer”

click Apply then OK

The AccuRIP Print Driver is now available for other computers on your Local Area Network to add/share and PRINT from.

A proper AccuRIP PPD file (PostScript Printer Description) is needed on the computer that wants to share the AccuRIP Print driver.

Download to the DESKTOP of the “non-hosting” computer and unzip the folder.

AccuRIP PPD files AccuRIPe located at:


Scroll to the bottom of the web page and under “Download Links” select Windows PPD Files.

From a networked computer (not the host computer)…

open the printers section of the control panel

click Add a Printer “Add a Network Printer”

click NEXT

You should see a list of shared printers on your network.

Choose the proper shared AccuRIP printer driver.

click NEXT

Didn’t see your printer listed?

Additional info for this situation is provided at the end of this video.

In the “Add Printer Wizard” window


From the next window…


Locate and open the PPD Folder that was previously downloaded onto the desktop.

Select the AccuRIP .inf file

Click OPEN

From the “Install From Disk” window with the path to the .inf file now listed…

Click OK

In the “Add Printer Wizard” window locate the proper AccuRIP PPD file for your printer model. Select it and …

Click NEXT

Select the option… “use the driver that is currently installed”

Click NEXT

Printer driver name will be AccuRIP plus the Epson model you selected.

Click NEXT

Print a TEST PAGE.


You are ready to print from this computer through…


The following info is for users that Windows did NOT automatically locate their shared AccuRIP driver.

Reasons your printer was not listed…

> printer driver not properly shared from the HOST

> not a proper local network setup

> running a mix of operating systems

(i.e. Windows Home and Windows Professional versions. Use Professional level operating systems only.

Need help networking computers?

Consult your local IT Admin.

If Windows did NOT locate your shared AccuRIP printer driver in the list, click the option…

“The printer that I want isn’t listed.”

In the window …

“Find a printer by name of TCP/IP address” select… “BROWSE for a printer” then click…


Select and login to a networked computer to see a list of shared printer drivers. Select the shared AccuRIP to Epson printer driver…


You will need the USER NAME and PASSWORD.

Consult with your IT manager.

You can now go back to the directions in this video starting from…

“Install from Disk”.

(Video Time 1:50)


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