AccuRIP Emerald

Workspace Walkthrough

This walkthrough will teach you all the essentials to print like a pro AccuRIP Emerald!

Learn by watching the video, or review the written transcript. If you still have questions submit a tech ticket, or reply back to your technician in an open ticket.

Video Transcript

AccuRIP Emerald is incredibly easy to navigate. Redesigned to be a single window program, its clean, well-organized tabs make it easy to manage settings and features. Quick tips, users guides, and support are all just a click away. With its powerful NEW Pixel Perfect Proof Positive preview you’ll see the print data “exactly” as it will be printed. No mysteries, no waste.

Under the Print tab choose between Standard and High quality, this applies to both files printed and saved. Choose media type, Sheet or Roll, to match your film. Set Size to match your sheet film dimensions or the width of your film roll. Toggle N-Up ON to nest multiple images saving time and film. Quick Tips explain settings. Easy access links connect you with additional information and our dedicated Screen Print Software Support Team.

Under the Halftone tab you’ll find everything needed to control halftone printing. Choose between, Round, Ellipse or traditional Line Shape. Screen sets the size of halftones. Angle applies the degree of angle to a halftone screen. 22.5 is recommended for screen printing. Use Settings, by default is turned on applying Halftone settings to printed and saved files overriding settings from graphics applications.

The Revert button quickly restores previously saved settings. And the Apply button locks in settings to be applied to the next file processed.

Under the Support tab you can quickly print a Test file, build a new printer driver, contact the Support team, find helpful information and videos, check for an update and order supplies all with a click of the mouse from one easy-to-navigate window.

In the Proof Positive preview see your high resolution Pixel Perfect prints before they are sent to a printer. Switch the preview between multiple separations, Zoom in and out, move the preview or click TRUE to return a full view mode.

Clear removes the preview and print file from memory clearing the way for the next print. Save sends the print data to a DCS2.eps file. Print opens the Select Printer window.

From this window choose any printer installed on your local computer or network. Certified printers may have the added option of choosing between Mono black or All Black Ink printing.

From the File menu print a test file or exit the program.

Under Preferences, roll media users can switch between inches or millimeters, change theme colors or override Certified printer settings to apply your own custom print settings.

Use the support menu to Reset all settings to defaults or choose between support options.

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