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EcoTank Printer Conversion Guide

Freehand’s Dmax EcoTank Conversion Kit unleashes the full power and potential of Epson EcoTank printers! Learn how to get started below!

Learn by watching the video, or review the written transcript. If you still have questions submit a tech ticket, or reply back to your technician in an open ticket.

Video Transcript

This video guides users that may have installed Epson inks into all ink tanks and now want to drain either just the black ink tank or all ink tanks to use Dmax Black Dye for film printing.

Haven’t yet installed inks into a NEW printer? See the initial printer setup video Dmax – EcoTank Printer Setup Guide

Printing films with Dmax Black Dye produces the most dense and durable ultraviolet light blocking result at the highest level unlike Epson inks that are formulated for paper printing. Perfect screen exposure every time.

We’ll walk you through the steps getting you started the right way, using Freehand’s Dmax EcoTank Conversion Kit.

Have questions? Contact Freehand to learn more or purchase your Dmax EcoTank Conversion Kit online at

Initially fill the black ink tank only with Freehand’s Dmax Black Dye for film printing. If the printer has both a black and photo black tank, fill the photo black tank. Filling the remaining tanks with stock Epson inks.

While other models work best as an All Black Ink printer. Review Freehand’s compatibility webpage before proceeding.

Here’s how to drain then fill your printer:

Open the printer hood.

Remove the ink carriage shield if one is present, to access the ink tank hoses.

Gently remove the black tube from its connection on the printhead.

Attach the proper sized blunt needle to the 60 mL syringe. Firmly attach the needle to make a secure seal. Some printer model ink hoses vary in size. Do not force the wrong size needle into a hose.

Carefully insert the correct gauge blunt needle tip into the rubber hose. The fit should be snug, creating a tight seal. The hose should slightly bulge around the needle.

Be sure to get enough of the needle into the tube to create a tight seal without damaging the tube.

Pull back on the syringe, drawing the ink out of the tank. Don’t worry if a little air is introduced into the system, each tank has a top air vent that will expel the air.

Carefully and securely reattach the ink hose to the proper corresponding hose connection.

Repeat this process using the proper sized blunt needle for each hose until all tanks have been drained. It’s ok if a small amount of Epson ink mixes with Dmax Black Dye.

Now to fill the ink tanks.

Securely attach the funnel to the purple silicon hose.

Firmly attach the open end of the purple silicone hose to the fill tube on the printer ensuring a tight seal.

Slowly pour Dmax Black Dye into the funnel to fill the black tank or all tanks depending on your desired ink configuration. Fill the tank, or tanks, until the ink levels reach the top fill hash mark on the tank, or tanks.

Carefully remove the purple hose with funnel from the printer.

Reset the ink levels to read full.

Run two low level cleanings to stage the ink into the print head, then use the Epson driver Utility to print a Nozzle Pattern test print. You’ll know when you are printing with Dmax Black Dye because your prints will be very dense and durable. Practically scratch proof.

When the printer is charged with Dmax Black Dye and ready to print, open AccuRIP Emerald, from the Inks tab choose either MONO or ABI mode. If the Apply button becomes available, click it to lock in your setting.

Happy Printing

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