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How to Migrate iLok License

Leave the past behind and transfer your software license to the new and improved Freehand License Manager (FLM) fast and free.

Learn by watching the video, or review the written transcript. If you still have questions submit a tech ticket, or reply back to your technician in an open ticket.

Video Transcript

Freehand software activation has been improved.

Users still on the iLok license manager system can quickly and easily migrate to the Freehand License Manager at no cost. All Remaining license time will be honored.

Download and install the current version of the Freehand software you are trying to use (AccuRIP Emerald and/or Sep Studio NXT) from your My Account on solutionsforscreenprinters.com.

Launch the software.

If you don’t already have a Freehand License Manager Account click “Create new account”. A Freehand License Manager account is a different account from a Solutions for Screen Printers account. Already have a Freehand License Manager Account? Go directly to licensing.solutionsforscreenprinters.com and login with that account.

Enter your email and a password.

Accept the terms.

Click Create.

Now go to your email.

Copy the highlighted verification code in the email from solutionsforscreenprinters.com.

Paste the code into the verification code field and click Verify.

Familiarize yourself with Freehand License Manage with the Quick Start Overview then click “Close”.

Now click Migrate iLok License.

Go to your Solutions For Screen Printers My Account – Downloads page to locate your Activation Codes.

Carefully select and copy the 30 digit iLok Activation Code that consists of numbers and hyphens.

Now return to Freehand License Manager.

Paste the iLok Activation Code into the iLok Activation Code field and click “Migrate”.

That’s it. Your software license has been transferred to Freehand License Manager.

Go back to the software and log in using your Freehand License Manager account.

Happy Printing.

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