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Ditto Inkjet Film Feeder


Engineered to maximize desktop inkjet film output. Insert and print up to 8 sheets of films unattended. True productivity enhancer.

A product of Freehand Graphics™

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Description of Ditto Inkjet Film Feeder

The Ditto Inkjet Film Feeder™ was master minded by Freehand’s CEO, Charlie Facini. Its focused purpose is to dramatically speed film output production for Epson DESKTOP inkjet users. Without the Ditto multiple films will stick and should not be stacked to feed through a printer.

Engineered to properly separate film sheets using angled, orange peel fins, simply load multiple sheets (up to 8) and print them all with one click of the print button in your graphics application. Every screen printer using a desktop printer has experienced the ridiculous amount of work, time and waste associated with multi-color output without a roll feed printer. With the Ditto Film Feeder, your problem is solved!

Because one film at a time is a waste of time!

Features and Benefits of Ditto Film Feeder

With the Ditto static cling normally experienced with multiple films stacked is broken. The fins allow sheets to slide one at a time into position and feed through without worry. It works with the hardware and against static.

While you’ll immediately appreciate multi-color file to film output is much easier than inserting one film and printing one color, its benefit grows exponentially with each job. Imagine the hundreds or thousands of dollars saved on production time by the dramatic reduction of a repetitive task. No more desktop film output babysitting. Our inkjet film feeder users attest to the great value the Ditto brings to film production.

Specifications / Supported Printers

Fully assembled and ready to attach to the top of your supported desktop printer model, load individual film sheets between each fin as well as one in front and in back of the Ditto Inkjet Film Feeder for an 8 color separation. With no moving parts to break this lightweight accessory is a must have. Find out if your printer model accepts the Ditto…

Supported Epson Desktop Printers:
SureColor P400
Artisan 1430
Stylus Photo 1390, 1400 and 1500W
Stylus Photo R 1800, R1900, R2400, R2880
Workforce 1100 and 1110

Supported Canon Desktop Printers:
Pixma Pro-100


The Ditto Inkjet Film Feeder is popular because it works with or without a RIP, is an affordable solution for an on-going problem, pays for itself in as littles as one week, allows the printing of up to 8 sheets consecutively, can be moved to another supported printer model and was developed by Freehand!

All quality films will work with the Ditto Film Feeder. Avoid thin, flimsy film as the Epson hardware mechanics must be able to grab and move film through the output process. We recommend our own DarkStar Inkjet Film.