Spot Process Separation Studio 4

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Spot Process Separation Studio 4™ has automated the most difficult color separation processes for screen-printers, plus delivers direct to inkjet output for easy film printing. (Windows/Mac)

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Spot Process Separation Studio 4

With Premium/Advanced License options now available get on board with Spot Process Separation Studio 4 using this highly advanced and expanded release of the industry’s color separation for screen printers automated software first released as Spot Process back in 1995. Now with two distinct color separation engines to manage the broad range of files screen printers work with every day, and the addition of direct to inkjet film output with the print window features a screen printer needs, this outstanding Separation Studio 4 software ends so many of the struggles facing artists during file preparation, separation and output to film.

As a focused software with features specific to the needs of artists, producing work for screen print production has never been faster or easier. Separation Studio 4 was created for raster, vector and download art service images. Spot Process Sep Studio 4 (SPSS4) fits easily into your Corel and Adobe design world, built to bridge those industry gaps making easy work of complicated separation and output processes.


Compatible with dozens of printers. Print direct to an inkjet printer with full control over registration marks and other important prepress information. No external RIP required.

Separation Studio 4 has the ability to print separations with full control over pre-press marks directly to an inkjet printer without the need for an external RIP! Users printing separations from other software such as Adobe or Corel products will need AccuRIP to handle the postscript translations required when printing to non postscript inkjet printers.

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Separation Studio Features and Benefits

Spot Process Separation Studio 4™ is featured packed, yet so easy to use for artists of every level. The value of Separation Studio 4 software is not only in what it is engineered to do, but how easy it is for the user to accomplish tasks quickly and accurately. Users enjoy the intuitive user interface of SPSS4 that delivers critical screen print specific features:

Vector PDF Color Separation Engine:
• separates Adobe and Corel .pdf files
• one-click underbase with choke adjustments
• fast spread controls
• auto converts process to spot upon opening
• create textile and press ink custom libraries
• drag and drop merge separations
• power merge separations to any size press with PressFit™
• on-screen color composite with Proof Positive™ technology by Freehand
• print color proof
• film or ink view of separations
• print vector PDF seps directly from Sep Studio 4

Sim Process Color Separation Engine:
• separates RGB TIF images upon opening of file
• full support for background transparency
• auto create underbase
• generate black and brown; enhance orange
• merge separations
• create textile and press ink custom libraries
• auto and slider color adjust control
• on-screen color composite with Proof Positive™ technology by Freehand
• print color proof
• film or ink view of separations
• auto saves separation as .psd
• print sim process seps directly from Sep Studio 4 to film

Print Commander Film Printing Engine:
• auto detects supported printers
• film saving auto nesting with controls
• robust screen print registration marks and labels
• control halftone shape, angle and size
• produce various halftone sizes and shapes on film separations
• print size control

BONUS: The All Black Ink™ Feature (previously called Multi-black) once only in AccuRIP is now included in the Print Commander of SPSS4 for a full year FREE.

Operating System Compatibility / Printer Support

Windows 8 through 10 (64 bit)  •  Apple El Cap through Catalina (64 bit)

Spot Process Separation Studio 4™ color separates graphic images created in Adobe, Corel and other mainstream graphics software.

File Size: separation, image preview and file output processing speed is related to the file size and resolution and cpu processor. SPSS4 provides default settings to maximize processing speed while maintaining the quality that meets screen print industry standards.

Supported Printers
With the first direct to inkjet print feature in the industry, Separation Studio 4 will color separate and print to film through supported inkjet devices separated files in Separation Studio 4. An outside RIP software is not required for Sep Studio 4 separations.


Separation Studio 4 software is a product you License for Use. With Two License Options for Spot Process Sep Studio 4™ choose what’s best for you.

Premium: $199.00/yr
Includes free updates and upgrades as well as a full year All Black Ink License, and much more

With Premium License there are no compatibility issues, no upgrade, no additional cost ever.

Advanced: $489.00/1x fee
Multi-year use compatibility fixed to OS versions available at time of purchase. Includes free first year All Black Ink License.

For those not yet ready for the Premium software lifestyle.

License Info for Premium and Advanced selections:
Advanced users deciding to switch to a Premium License may do so within the first 2 years from the first date of License activation. Contact or submit an online support ticket.

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