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CorelDRAW – Save Layouts as Symbols

Work smarter, not harder! CorelDRAW allows you you to save layouts as symbols for quick addition of marks to your art files.

Learn by watching the video, or review the written transcript. If you still have questions submit a tech ticket, or reply back to your technician in an open ticket.

Video Transcript

Software that works with you. Today I’ll be showing you how easy it is to save and load custom registration and press mark layouts using the symbols feature in CorelDRAW.

Most screen printers have fixed dimensions for full size prints, chest prints, and sleeve prints. Setting up a template layout for press marks will speed up your workflow while improving accuracy.

Use any of the marks supplied FREE from Freehand’s website or make your own marks in any configuration you like.

We’ve included a download link in the description.

Here is an example of what your full layout might look like using one of Freehand’s supplied templates.

As you can see everything is accounted for.

I have my registration marks, centerlines top and bottom, nice big labels and helpful gradation bars along the side.

Remember your layout may look different, but it will be perfect for your needs.

There is no wrong template layout, it’s all about what works best for you.

The key is understanding there is a color called “registration” that must be used when creating all your press marks. Registration color is common to all separations.

Lay the marks out as you like, adding labels, centerlines, gradations bars, and more.

It’s a good idea to keep marks half an inch or more from the edge of the document to ensure they are within the printable area.

Now that I have developed the perfect layout for my needs I don’t want to ever do this again and I don’t have to.

I’m going select everything, right click, go to symbol, and click create new symbol.

I’ll then name it and click OK.

Now click file, save as, choose where you would like to save this and future symbols, name the file, then in the “Save as type” drop down menu select CSL Corel Symbol Library, then click save.

Now open the symbols docker by going to the window menu, then dockers, then click symbols.

Now click the “local symbols” folder then the gear icon.

Click Import Library, navigate to where saved the symbol file, select it, and click OK.

Anytime I want this layout all I have to do is open the local symbols folder, select the symbol, then drag the symbol out into the document.

Using the Align tool in the align docker makes it easy to get things aligned perfectly to my 13×19” document.

Let’s see it in action on a new page.

I drag a layout to the page, center it with the align tool, then “copy and paste” my finished graphic into the template and I’m ready to print perfect separations through AccuRIP.

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