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How to Print to a Wide Format Printer

Printing with AccuRIP Emerald to a wide format roll media printer is easy to do!

Learn by watching the video, or review the written transcript. If you still have questions submit a tech ticket, or reply back to your technician in an open ticket.

Video Transcript

Printing with AccuRIP Emerald to a wide form roll media printer is easy to do.

Simply apply desired settings in Emerald. When you print, select the AccuRIP Emerald driver. That’s it. AccuRIP honors normal workflows within all major graphics programs. There’s nothing to learn and no added steps when printing.

Set a media size that matches the film size loaded into the printer.

Set the line screen shape, size and angle you desire. Turn ON “Use Settings” to have AccuRIP override all halftone settings in graphics programs savings you lots of time while removing the possibility of human error. This is the recommended setting. Then click Apply to lock in your settings. These settings will apply to the next file printed.

Like to change settings often or looking to print 4 color process films using different angles? AccuRIP will now honor all settings from a graphics program. It’s your choice.

From the print window choose the AccuRIP Emerald printer driver, this activates all available postscript features and abilities to print separations. This is why you use AccuRIP. That’s all that is required to send files to Emerald for processing.

Select a media size that matches settings applied in Emerald that also match the film size loaded into the printer. Select and set all desired settings then choose the separations you wish to print.

Adobe Illustrator users select “Separations Host based”. Corel Draw users select “separations”. Adobe Photoshop users choose “separations”.

Illustrator and Draw users then select the spot or process color separations to be printed then click print.

Adobe Photoshop users don’t need to select individual separations. Photoshop prints all “spot color channels” previewing before the print window was opened. All selected channels print.

Remember, AccuRIP honors all natural workflows of your graphics programs.

Printed separations will be sent to Emerald and displayed in the Proof Positive Preview for final approval.

When ready tp print, click print in AccuRIP then print again in the pop up window confirming your settings.

Users that wish to further streamline their workflow can set Emerald to “Bypass Preview”. Printed separations will pass through the Preview directly to the final confirmation window.

Solid spot and process separations will print solid black on film while all tints, tones and blends will properly halftone. AccuRIP prints what the file sends to it.

That’s it, it could not be easier.

Happy Printing.

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