Ditto Film Feeder™

How to Use the Ditto with the Canon Pixma Pro-100

The Ditto is transformative. From addressing sheet film inserting and printing film one at a time to loading up to 8 film sheets and printing up to 8 colors unattended the Ditto will be a favorite part of your Pixma Pro-100 experience. See how fast and easy getting started with the Ditto is.

Learn by watching the video, or review the written transcript. If you still have questions submit a tech ticket, or reply back to your technician in an open ticket.

Video Transcript

Today we are going to show you how to install The Ditto film feeder to a Canon Pixma Pro-100.

Attaching the Ditto multi-sheet film feeder is as easy as hanging the install hooks over the back of the printer’s Top Loader.

When using small film sheets such as letter and legal size this works great.

When loading larger film sheets such as 13×19 you have two options.

First you could simply push the printer close to a wall allowing the wall to hold the films in an up-right position.

Quick, easy, and works wonderfully.

Next, with a simple modification to the media support extension you can flip the extension up to support the film while the Ditto is attached.

The modification is simple, it requires removing just one small plastic piece from the media support extension allowing room for the Ditto install hooks.

Here’s how:

First remove the extension from the printer being careful not to break the plastic hinge tabs.

Pull the left side straight down until free.

A little pressure to slightly bend the end of the media loader helps add some space for easy removal.

Now flip the extension up.

Applying mild pressure again the the left side push down to free the right side hinge.

The extension will come free.

This does not require a lot of pressure. When done properly it removes easily. Be patient.

Now securely clamp down the extension to a stable work surface.

Mark where to stop your cutting tool.

We used tape as a guide for the jigsaw foot.

Carefully cut the small piece off the lower right as shown here.

Pay special attention not to damage the hinge peg that holds the extension onto the printer.

After the cutting is complete file down any rough plastic that may remain.

Let’s now reattach the extension to the printer

Start with the extension in the folded down position.

Insert the right side hinge pegs.

Then with steady light pressure line up then push into place the left side hinge.

Now flip the extension up then attach The Ditto.

Happy printing.

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