Bottom Tool Bar

Along the bottom of the UI, is a unique project color palette that auto loads a color palette directly developed from pre separated Spot Process® Separation Studio® NXT files, the ability to add NEW ink colors and libraries, one click remove all unused ink colors, and buttons to close and save the project.


List of Color Separations in the Project

Textile Color

This is the Textile Color

Add Ink to Palette

Opens the Add Ink Window to add from a Library of existing Ink Colors are create a custom color.

Trash Can

Click and drag a color to the Trash Can to delete the color from the project. Color Separations with a Lock Icon that came in with the Image from Spot Process® Separation Studio® NXT cannot be deleted. If a Color is in use it must be replaced with another color from the palette upon deletion.

Remove All Unused Colors

Deletes all unused Colors from the Project Palette with one click.


Click the red Close button to close Project. If unsaved changes are present a prompt will appear offering the chance to save or close without saving changes.


Button becomes available upon first change to a Project. Click the green Save button to save updated Project.


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