Left Tool Bar

Fixed to the left edge of the User Interface (UI) in NXT-Moves is a list of features to switch textile color, set, control and flex fonts, add symbols and effects, apply texture overlays, scale artboard, and zoom view.


Choose from stock sets of industry textile color libraries, create custom libraries, upload new libraries. Click the view icon to switch between list and grid view.

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Using the Text tool you can set text, choose a font category then a font style. For fonts that make it available change the font to Bold or Italic. Control Letter spacing, fill fonts will color or add strokes to create dramatic font looks. Using preset shapes flex fonts or set type to a curve.

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Choose from a variety of shape categories. Select a shape to see it added to the artboard. Size, scale, distort, color, duplicate, rotate and more to create stunning design enhancements. All shapes honor transparency. Layer shapes to create incredible background designs and more.

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Add amazing texture overlays to any design. Select a texture from a list of categories. Textures always use the currently selected textile color. Softens a print, adds dramatic impact reduces screen load on press. Textures start scaled at 100% to match the artboard size.

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Artboard Size

Spot Process® Separation Studio® NXT image artboard dimensions are honored upon opening and uploaded a pre-separated image file. Artboard size can be increased to allow more room when adding fonts and effects while designing.

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Click Zoom In or Zoom Out to view more easily image detail. Use the Navigation panel to zoom in or out on a specific location or pan the entire image at any magnification.

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