Layers allow control of the order of stacking of elements within the artboard.

Layers Icon: Click to show or hide the Layers panel.

Layers Panel: Displays Layer labels as “image, text, or clipart”. Image layer is always the Spot Process® Separation Studio® NXT image, Text is any Layer handling text, and Clipart is any Layer handling a Symbol object.

Layer functions:

Lock Icon: Click to lock or unlock a Layer’s ability to be edited.

Eye Icon: Click to show or hide a Layer. Hidden Layers do not generate separations when the project is downloaded to Spot Process® Separation Studio® NXT.

Layer Preview: A thumbnail image that shows the object on that layer.

Layer Selection Box: Click to activate a Layer. Selected Layer icon turns blue. Deselected Layer icon is empty. Click and drag the mouse cursor on the Main Project Window to select multiple objects/Layers.

with Shift Key: Select or deselect multiple Layers.

Vertical Layer Arrow Icon: Moves Layer position. Click and drag to rearrange Layer order. Moves one Layer at a time. To move multiple Layers Group Layers first.


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