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Separation Studio 4™

AccuRIP Software™

Inks and Inkjets

Spot Process vs PDF Workspaces


Two distinct workspaces for Sep Studio 4 – understand them both.

File Prep: Adobe and Corel

VIDEO Adobe PhotoShop

VIDEO Corel PhotoPaint

Properly saving files will make separations predictable and easy.

View Seps in Ink or Film View


The option to view separations in INK or FILM view delivers the control you need to produce your best separations.

Convert File to PDF: Adobe and Corel

VIDEO Adobe Illustrator


There’s a proper way to prepare files for Separation Studio 4. Know it and improve your separation results.

Underbase Options


Automated Underbase creation is one of the most appreciated features of Sep Studio 4 and is available for both Spot Process (sim process) and PDF Vector engines.

EPS vs PSD: Transparency Support


Sep Studio 4 delivers full transparency support. It’s value for screen printers can’t be understated.

Reduce Screens with PressFit


PressFit reduces screens for both separation engines. It’s visual and easy and saves time and money. It’s a favorite feature.

Stock Vector Art


Transform stock art into a valuable commodity. Screen printers love stock art, and Sep Studio has opened up a new world to artists.

Halftone Tricks: Go Crazy


Rethink halftones and watch how easy it is to turn simple art files into dramatic press prints.

Halftone Tricks: Retro


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Airbrush Effects


Breath life into your designs with an airbrush technique your customers will love.

Spread and Trap


Spread and Trap are the techniques that deliver control to users they need to meet the needs of their presses.

Image Trace and Power Trace



Easily convert art to vectors for printing using the mainstream software you already design with. Adobe and Corel users harness the power inside design programs and watch your Sep Studio 4 separations reach new heights.

Spot Color and the PDF Engine


What you’ll learn and apply to separations time and time again after watching this video of a 3 spot color separation is immeasurable.

Printer and Default Settings

VIDEO Print Window

VIDEO Default Settings

The Print Window is power at hand. Understand how much control you have within the Print Window. Explore the Default Settings to select what’s best for your film printing needs.

Custom Inks and Textiles

VIDEO Custom Inks

VIDEO Custom Textiles

VIDEO Use Custom Textiles to reduce the number of screens

Screen printers appreciate the ability to create and easily edit custom inks for print production and custom textile colors.

N-Up Nesting: Save Films Automatically

VIDEO  What is it?

VIDEO  Adobe Illustrator


Automatic ganging up of separations is an every day means to save on the cost of films. The software does the math. Simple settings lets it happen.

RipCore Lost Connection Error

VIDEO  RipCore Lost Connection

A RipCore lost connection can happen, but it doesn’t have to stop or slow down your productivity. While you may want to blame software, it’s most often a PostScript Error.

Copy 100 Error

VIDEO  Copy 100 Error

This error can prevent files from printing. Quickly resolve the issues causing the problem.

Printing Directly from Corel

VIDEO  Corel

The AccuRIP workflow means printing directly from your design program is your every day and easy workflow.

PhotoShop Channels vs Layers


There are benefits to working in PhotoShop Channels vs Layers.

Custom Sheet Sizes in Illustrator

Pixma Pro-100 Ink Initial Setup

Pixma Pro-100 Ink Refill Procedure

Pixma Pro-100 Ditto Setup

1430/1400/1550w Initial Ink Setup

P400 Initial Ink Setup

4900 Initial Ink Setup

T3270 Initial Ink Setup

Wide Format Manual Clean

Step-by-step guide to cleaning the print head of an Epson 4900 and similar models when you have a clog.

Desktop Inkjet Manual Clean

Step-by-step instructions on how to clean the Head of an Epson Desktop Inkjet using the 1430 as an example.

Amaze Ink Clog Buster

Clear stubborn inkjet head and nozzle clogs. Better yet, simple maintenance can prevent them from happening.

Non Genuine Ink Message

A Non Genuine Message when installing inks into a wide format printer is simply a notification from Epson.

Dmax Dye is Best

Quality film results rely on the right formulation of inkjet ink. Freehand’s dye delivers the highest UV light blocking.


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