Sep Studio 4™

Airbrush Effect Tips and Tricks

Easily breath life into your designs with Airbrush Effects. Sep Studio 4 offers this great opportunity to transform simple into spectacular.

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Video Transcript

Having a small press does not mean your prints always have to be solid colors. Here’s a quick technique to help you breath some life into a simple two screen print.

Opening this one color file into SPSS4 generates a clean single color separation. We can print it as it is now or create an underbase to print on colored garments creating a two screen project.

Let’s have a little fun with it now.

Save and close. Reopening it now gives us access the Spot Process tool set.

First we’ll change the underbase color to a nice bright yellow.

Next, using the “eraser tool” with a large diameter and low hardness on the pink separation we can create a softened effect that removes some of the solid data from the pink separation allowing the underbase color to show though.

The pink separation will now print with halftones giving us a very nice tonal effect. Printing films using a low line screen makes them exposure and press friendly with a more interesting result.

And here is the final product. A beautiful two tone print made in minutes with Separation Studio 4.

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