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When Good Files Go Bad – Vector Trace and Separation Studio 4 Save the Day

Separation Studio 4 has the ability to add custom colors growing the color palette to suite their individual needs. Learn how below!

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Video Transcript

Sep Studio 4 comes with a nice selection of stock colors to work with and it has the ability to allow screen printers to add custom colors growing the color palette to suite their individual needs.

As screen printers we all have shelves filled with custom mixed and manufacturer stock color inks. Here’s where it gets really great. Connecting Sep Studio to your inks is the best way to bring extreme efficiency to your shop.

Let me show you how.

All it takes is for you to make a document in Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW with swatches of spot colors to match your inks with a labeling system that you can easily filter to reduce search times.

As an example in my file I used WIL for Wilflex and RUT for Rutland then I added 01 or 02 because I stock two different series of inks from both manufacturers. Finally I added the specific color name. You could also add a number if using Pantone colors. It’s all up to you.

Save the file as a PDF and open it in Sep Studio 4 to instantly identify all the colors. Now just open document properties and click the + icon to add them to your software color palette.

Using your prefix and series codes you can quickly filter down even the largest of color palettes right down to a manufacturer, Series, or specific color.

Now as I type in WIL i filter down to all Wilflex color. By adding the 01 to my search I see only colors associated with series one. Fast, easy and efficient.

Now you have tightly tied together the inks on your shelves with your color separations software. That’s efficient! That’s Sep Studio 4.

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