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Creating an Underbase Walkthrough

Underbase development is one of the most appreciated features of Sep Studio 4 software for screen printers. Sep Studio not only auto creates an underbase it provides valuable options and they are all easy to do.

Learn by watching the video, or review the written transcript. If you still have questions submit a tech ticket, or reply back to your technician in an open ticket.

Video Transcript

Welcome to the underbase feature. This is truly an amazing feature for us screen printers. No more struggling with Adobe or Corel workflows.

In order to print this tasty hero on a colored shirt we definitely need an underbase screen.

It’s so easy. In the Underbase window we find a clear list of all the seps all sharing a .5 choke. Let’s create an underbase excluding the Black sep. Just switch the toggle to “Off.” Click “Create,” and there we have it. A perfect underbase separation in seconds.

By default, solid areas have a solid underbase while tinted and blended areas will have a halftone underbase. Exactly as the file was created.

The preview of the underbase shows us that the text at the bottom has become very thin. The .5 choke was too much for this part of the underbase. Let’s edit that.

Switching off the “Apply to All” toggle gives us total control for all separations individually.

Let’s reduce the choke amount on the yellow separation to .2, adding back more detail to the text. In Sep Studio choke values are full values, meaning you get the exact amount you enter.

By the way, if you did not already know 72 points equal 1 inch. In the screen print industry half a point is a common choke value.

Zooming in we can see how clean and well registered the separations are. No peek-a-boo flashing here. Print perfect.

Let’s say we don’t want any halftones in our underbase. Thanks to the “Style” feature, in one click we can convert all halftones to solids. This is amazing. The default setting is to leave solids solid while while tints and blends will halftone, but with the “Style” feature you can do as you like. Discharge ink printers will love this powerful feature. Now that we have a full set of separations including our choked underbase we are ready to print.

Here’s a quick tip. Moving the underbase temporarily to the top of the print stack allows you to visually see amount of choke applied. This will help you print with confidence.

This feature was truly developed by screen printers for screen printers.

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