Sep Studio 4™

Default Printer Settings Setup Walkthrough

Understand the default printer settings in Separation Studio 4™ and appreciate what the software automatically sets up and how to customize the settings for your desired results.

Learn by watching the video, or review the written transcript. If you still have questions submit a tech ticket, or reply back to your technician in an open ticket.

Video Transcript

Separation Studio 4 auto sets up for printing upon install.

Smart software, it will automatically configure to the first compatible inkjet printer it finds installed on the computer. There is nothing the user needs to know or do.

Normally the tested default settings deliver the best results, but it is always wise to print a test page verifying or adjusting if needed.

It’s very easy, let me show you how.

From the Edit menu choose Default Printer setings .

From the Detected and Supported Printer drop down menu you will see a list of all installed and supported printers. Choose the one you wish the program to use for printing.

It’s important to set the media properly. The size of the media set is the size the program will use when auto nesting images. If using a desktop sheet printer set the media to the largest size media you use when nesting. For most screen printers it’s probably 13×19 film sheets.

If you printer supports both Photo and Matte ink installed at the same time choose the ink the printer is currently defaulting to. Most printers display this information on the control panel display. If this setting does not match the setting on the printer you will receive an ink mismatch error when printing.

If you have installed an All Black Ink System, activate the “All Black Ink” option. Be sure that all ink slots having black ink installed are selected. Incorrect setup of this feature will result in unexpected use of inks.

Ink Coverage should be set to Standard. Only change this setting after you have printed a Droplet Weight Density Test print and if you need to make a change.

Different printers support different resolution configurations. Start with the default printer resolution and Droplet weight settings for now.

High Speed allows printing by the print head in both directions reducing output time. Test results to determine what is right for your needs.

If you are experiencing registration issues in length but not width due to media distortion, the Adjust Print Length feature helps you dial in settings to achieve perfect registration.

The Adjust Length feature is to first be printed to paper to produce a perfect master page. Follow the printed instructions printing the same test to your film making adjustments to the Adjust Length feature until they match perfectly.

The Droplet Weight Test is an exclusive feature of Freehand software products. It removes all the guess work when printing film.

It also replaces the need for a complex hardware densitometer. Just print this test page to 11×17” or larger “film”, follow then printed instructions to dial in your settings for perfect film making using the least amount of ink.

Click Apply to save your settings. Now every time you print separations this printer and these settings will be ones used by the Print Commander. Time saving and worry free performance is what Separation Studio 4 is all about.

You can even make changes while in the Print Commander Window.

Let’s say you have multiple inkjet printers and wish to switch the printer just for one job. You can make the changes right here in the print Commander window.

If you decide you’d like to make these settings your new default click Save as Defaults. To quickly reload the original Default printer settings click Apply Defaults.

Clean and simple, the way it should be.

Freehand and you. Together we got this.

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