Sep Studio™ 4

Go Crazy with Halftones Tips and Tricks

If you thought using halftones was predictable and boring think again. You can mix halftone size and shape at printout thanks to a unique ability in Sep Studio™ 4 software. You’ll transform even a simple design into an exciting print quickly and easily.

Learn by watching the video, or review the written transcript. If you still have questions submit a tech ticket, or reply back to your technician in an open ticket.

Video Transcript

With Separation Studio™ 4 your imagination is the limit. Go crazy and have fun with all the possibilities. In this video we’ll explore a couple different ways to print this image with interesting effects.

First, lets start by opening PressFit™ and arranging the print order.

Now we’re ready to open the print window. We’re going to have different settings for each separation so we’ll start by turning off apply to all.

The only separation we want solid is PMS 123 yellow so we’ll leave that separation’s style as solid and change the others to halftone. We want to try printing this with a slightly coarse halftone so we’ll go ahead and make the frequency for all halftoned separations 30.

Now lets print and see how it looks.

The course half tone certainly added a nice comic-book-like feel to the art.

But what if we want to make the effect on the green and blue a little more extreme? Lets go back to the print window and make some adjustments.

We’re happy with the PMS 123 yellow and the black separations so we’ll turn those off so we don’t waste film and ink.

Next we’ll change the blue separations halftone shape to line with an angle of 0 and frequency of 10. This will make the halftones horizontal lines with moderate thickness.

Lets try making the green halftones even more coarse. We want to be able to see them as dots from a good distance away. So let’s set the frequency to 5, this will make them very coarse.

Now we’ll print it out and see how it looks

Wonderful, the blue lines and coarse green half tones really make this art stand out. And all this was done with only a few clicks in Separation Studio™ 4.

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