Sep Studio 4™

PressFit™ Walkthrough

You’ll quickly understand why PressFit™ is a favorite feature of Sep Studio 4™ software. Available for both engines – Sim Process and Vector PDF – you’ll appreciate a fast and visual drag and drop process to reduce the number of screens for a print production run.

Learn by watching the video, or review the written transcript. If you still have questions submit a tech ticket, or reply back to your technician in an open ticket.

Video Transcript


Let’s take a look at one on my favorite new features in Separation Studio 4 called PressFit.

Think of this as the ability to power merge separations.

Printers are always concerned about press limitations. Always wishing they had a larger press and thinking they can not produce really nice work until they get that larger press.

Today we’ll prove you wrong. With PressFit all that is fixed. With a built in preview and the ability to drag and drop separations onto screens you can see and show clients in real time what a file will look like on press.

Let’s begin. Let’s make a design that has an underbase screen already so it’s auto added to press when we start.

Taking a look at this file that was downloaded on an internet site we can see that this file is massive, about 23 colors. There is no way our press can handle this, it being only 8. We’ll go ahead and adjust this and change this in the PressFit window. Click above.

As you can see each time you open PressFit you’ll be presented with a list of quick tips so you’ll always know exactly how things work.

Let’s start. First, our live underbase will automatically be on the screen in the first position. You an also adjust the size of your press according to your needs. It will go all the way up to 16 and all the way down to a 2. We have an 8 color press so we’ll start here.

First, let’s take our dark blues and add them to the second screen. You can do this individually or you can do this all together.

Next, let’s start with our lighter blues. We’ll add these and as I said before you can do these individually or you can do them together. Great.

Now we’re ready for our oranges. You can add these now. Wonderful. Now we’re ready for our whites. We’ll move these onto their own screen as well.

We’ve released that we don’t want that last white in there, so we can go ahead and drag this back to the separations pool. This will allow us to add it to another separation later on.

You can go ahead and add your greens and your blacks.

Great! As you can see we just went down from 23 colors down to 8. You can also adjust which blue you want by right click and choosing the blue. You can do this for each of your screens.

We really like the color of this lighter one so we’ll choose this.

Click Apply to make your final changes.

Wow! That was fast! Very simple!

Now we’re ready to print. You can go ahead and click the Print Window now.

As you can see the new Separation Studio 4 will automatically nest your separations according to the size of your film.

To change the print size you can go ahead and change this here. For this let’s say we’ll nest this about 50%.

Wow! You can see all of our separations now fit on one page.

With PressFit you have the power to control your press.

Freehand and you, together we got this.

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