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Print Window Walkthrough

The powerful print window in Separation Studio™ 4 is Print Commander. Use the full power of this engine. Learning the features and abilities is easy and worthwhile.

Learn by watching the video, or review the written transcript. If you still have questions submit a tech ticket, or reply back to your technician in an open ticket.

Video Transcript

Separation Studio™ 4 is specifically designed for screen printers delivering all the essential tools and features we need to make great films.

Sep Studio™ 4 has a powerful print window named Print Commander. Print Commander gives us screen printers all the power and ability to control film making.

Unlike main stream graphics programs designed for other industries there is nothing unnecessary to a screen printer in Print Commander.

With a clean layout and common use of icons, it is another friendly window in Sep Studio™ 4.

These accordion style options keep the workspace clean and easy to manage. Apply Default settings to revert back to defaults, or Save your new settings as Defaults. Settings changes that are not saved are temporary. Very friendly.

All available separations are listed clearly by name and color. Using the spring-loaded toggle you can quickly turn off and on all seps. Use the toggle switches to control each sep individually.

Apply to all allows for super fast configuration for all separations. Screen printers normally use single line screen and angle configurations for all seps. This feature ensures that all films will match perfectly.

Looking to make some custom configurations? Just turn off Apply to all.

Style is a unique feature. The half halftone, half solid icon allows solid seps to remain solid while tints, blends and fades print properly as halftones. Switch Styles over to the solid icon and it forces ALL separation to print as solids! That’s impressive power. Now you can fix poorly setup files in a snap or express your creativity.

With a large film preview window you can see exactly what will print on your films. No more guess work wasting film or time.

Click these arrows to cycle through and view all films in a set.

The rotate arrow rotates all separation on the film equally, ensuring proper resolution and registration is applied to all seps.

Here is a film orientation grid. This changes the location of the image on your film helping you save space and re-use films. Super helpful when printing smaller images onto a larger film size.

The Printer section shows all of the Printer configurations. You can temporarily alter them before printing,

Next, lets change our film size to 13×19. You can now save this as the new default.

Under print Size you can modify the size of your file. You can adjust the width and height, scale down the image, or adjust the margins. You can even change the position of the separations on the film.

Next is Markings; markings is a truly great section for us screen printers. Sep Studio™ delivers clear half inch tall registration marks that can easily be enlarged or reduced to suite your needs. Marks are designed and located to prevent image twist ensuring perfect registration every time.

Here you can turn off and on your registration marks, your center line, labels, add notes, and calibration.

Smart calibration bars can be added to films. For films that require halftones a full range of tints are printed on every film. Solid Spot color seps get a single solid block to be used with a densitometer.

Size changes the size of registration marks and centerlines

Gap can be used to move marks and labels further away from image area.

Position relocates all marks to the side or back to the top.

Here you can change the style of the registration marks.

You can adjust the weight of the registration marks and centerline in points using this slider.

And in the layout section you can choose your preferred layout of markings around each separation.

Next lets move on to nesting.

Nesting is a feature loved by everyone. Saving film is important to screen printers. Nesting handles this easily. Separation Studio™ will automatically factor the film dimension to image size then nest as many images as possible to a single film.

You can turn it off and turn it on.

Spacing controls the space between printed seps allowing for easier manual cutting.

Here you can switch measurements between Inches and mm.

Close, if you have already made changes to print options but are not ready to print yet you can can go back into the file and make changes. Close saves the last settings. When you return to the print window all settings will be retained. You will not have to adjust your settings.

Cancel, cancel closes the print window without saving settings.

And print sends all separations activated for printing directly to the printer.

In the new Separation Studio™ 4 printing is a breeze.

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