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Retro Halftones Tips and Tricks

Unleash the abilities of halftones. Use a technique to capture a retro feel with your prints. Sep Studio 4 offers great ways to deliver creative work easily and reliably.

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Video Transcript

With Separation Studio 4 the abilities of halftones are unleashed. Here’s a technique to capture a retro feel with your prints.

Here we have a tropical sunset with a smooth gradient. We want this to feel retro so we don’t want this gradient to feel too smooth. Let’s get to it.

First let’s make sure the palm tree has some weight to it and will be more friendly with registration so we’ll open the spread window and spread only the palm tree separation. This gives just enough overlap to make registration on press easy.

Next we’ll arrange our colors into our print order in the PressFit Window.

Now it’s time to print our films, this is where the magic happens.

We’re going to have different settings for each separation so we’ll start by turning off apply to all. Lets set the orange and yellow separations to halftones and leave the palm tree solid. Now we’ll set the orange separation’s half tone shape to line with an angle of 0 and frequency of 5. This will make the orange part of the the gradient thick horizontal lines that fade with the blend.

We’ll leave the yellow separation as round halftones with a 22.5 angle but we’ll change the frequency to 20. This will give the half tones some texture without them making them distractingly large or difficult to expose.

Now we’ll print the films, make the shirt, and see how it looks. Since Sep Studio also honors overprinting from the original file, these special effect halftones have no registration issues.

This wonderfully retro design was made in Sep Studio 4 in just minutes. Express your creative self with Sep Studio 4.

Print without limits.

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